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Davey Tree, a company that provides residential tree service, recently redid their website to better fit the needs of its clients. The testing, done by some students at Kent, was done using a computer system known as Tobii, which contains hidden cameras at the bottom of a monitor monitor. The camera is able to gather how it is exactly people find things when they visit a website.

Aaron Rosenberg, along with students at Kent State, work with clients in the area in order to help them design their websites in the best way possible.

“You’ve got clients coming in here who like I said, they’re fortune one thousand companies who need this type of research and can’t get it anywhere else,” Rosenberg said. “So students get the opportunity to work with people from those companies.”

Rosenberg said Scan Path not only serves clients, but also gives students that “hands-on experience.”

“Specifically, for the university, what it serves is it gives students an opportunity to engage with clients in an actual real-world client engagement,” Rosenberg said.

Scan Path has worked with companies including Serwin Williams and Little Tikes. The company has also recently started testing phone apps.