Increase in parking spaces at Kent State’s main campus

Arielle Campanalie

All Kent State students who missed getting parking passes at the beginning of the year can still apply for select permits.

Larry Emling, manager of Parking Services at Kent State University, said

Parking Services still has passes for all Kent State students, freshmen included.

This semester, freshmen are able to buy passes that weren’t available to them previous years because more passes are available to students.

Emling said he has observed more pedestrian traffic at Kent State, and this might be because of the addition of the Province, University Edge and University Oaks apartments, which are within walking distance of Kent State’s main campus.

Along with the influx of parking spaces from the new apartment complexes, Emling said he thinks online courses decreased students’ desires to buy permits.

“High enrollment has had a positive impact on online classes,” Emling said. “Before, all students had to be on campus for class, which made less parking permits available.”

These changes have cut parking sales a little, Emling said, but now there are more parking passes open for all students. He said parking ticket numbers are down from a year ago, and he attributes that to the increase in parking availability.

Emling said he recommends students check parking pass availability and ticket prices online at Kent Parking.

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