News On the Go: January 14, 2013

Maura Zurick

Top News Stories for January 14, 2013

1. Two students were shot and wounded at Taft High School in central California. Police have the shooter in custody, but no further details have been released. The shooting occurred after 9 a.m. on Jan. 10.

2. Vice President Biden met with victims of gun violence as well as members of the NRA Jan. 10 in order to come up with gun-control legislation. The vice president and NRA President David Keene did not come to an agreement in regards to weapon bans and limitations. Biden will brief Obama Tuesday, and together they hope to come to with legislation to curb the rise in gun violence.

Mallory Hagan, 23, of Brooklyn, N.Y., won the title of Miss America. She received a $50,000 scholarship and will appear on Good Morning America and The View. Hagan centered her contestant platform on the issue of child sex abuse.

3. Police shot and wounded an armed man who was wanted on domestic violence charges at a San Diego movie theater. The suspect, Tom Billodeaux, was hiding from police in an afternoon screening of “Les Miserables” at Reading Cinemas. The police said Bilodeaux initially cooperated but then reached into his lap and pulled out a handgun, which caused police to react.

4. Co-founder of the social networking site Reddit, Aaron Swartz, was found dead Friday. Police stated that 26-year-old Swartz hanged himself in his Brooklyn apartment just a few weeks before he was supposed to go on trial for accusations that he stole journal articles in an attempt to make them free for internet users. read the full story.

5. The Indian people are outraged and demand stricter rape laws after another woman was gang raped by six men. The 29-year-old woman was riding a bus to her home when the driver refused to stop in her village and took her to a building where his friends met them. The group of men was arrested, and the woman is at her home recovering. Several weeks prior to this incident, India was making international news after the gang rape and death of a female college student in New Delhi. The Indian government has stated that the safety of their citizens, especially females, is their priority. read the full story.

6. Craft store, Hobby Lobby, racked up about $14.3 million in fines for not complying with the Affordable Care Act, but the company might not have to pay those fines. The owners of Hobby Lobby stated that they don’t support Obamacare for religious reasons and found a loophole to avoid the legislation and its fines for several months, according to Peter Dobelbower, counsel for the stores.

7. An early and severe flu season as well as a higher demand for flu shots is leading to vaccine shortages. Manufacturers have shipped more than 128 million doses of flu vaccines. Sanofi Pasteur, the largest vaccine provider in the United States, said Thursday that it had sold out of four of its six vaccine versions. Once the vaccines completely sell out manufacturers will not produce more this season.