Film festival displays creativity from around the world

The following is a list of films, which will be shown:

1.”Metro” 4:45 by Jacob Wyatt (USA)

2. “Amphitrite” 1:26 by Damien Krisl (Switzerland)

3. “Destiny” 5:26 by Fabien Weibel, Sandrine Wurster, Victor Debatisse and Manuel Alligné (France)

4. “Little Kaiju” 4:09 by Jonathan and Josh Baker (Japan)

5. “Cayce Zavaglia: Portrait and Process” 4:02 by Zfilm (USA)

6. “Things You’d Better Not Mix Up” 2:11 by Joost Lieuwma (Amsterdam)

7. “Luminaris” by Juan Pablo Aramella (Argentina)

8. “Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?” 6:58 by Jason Willis (USA)

**Featured Filmmakers, Jamie Stone and Anders Jedenfors (England)**

Silent Films:

1. “Glimpse” 7:24 by Dustin Grella (USA)

2. “Decade” 6:18 by Mike Hovancsek with music accompaniment (USA)