“Battle of the Pita Pits” comes to Kent


Shane Flanigan

Freshmen Nick Hall and Brooke Boyd enjoy a meal together at The Pita Pit in Acorn Alley I September 8. Photo by Shane Flanigan.

Haley Phillippi

Pita Pit is currently running a social media campaign called “Battle of the Pita Pits.”

The campaign is asking local fans to vote for their favorite Pita Pit location. The Kent location was voted in the top 64 in the country, beating out over 230 other locations nationwide.

Pita Pit co-owner Tana Walther thinks it’s great that the Kent location is doing so well in the campaign.

The winning locations will be able to supply free pitas for a day to the community.

“We need more customers out voting for us,” Walther said. “It’d be awesome to win the whole thing and be able to give free pitas to customers for a day.”

The campaign isn’t over yet. Customers still have time to get their vote in online. Each week Pita Pit selects a voter and the winner will receive free pitas for a year.

Kent customers can visit https://www.facebook.com/pitapitrocks to vote for their favorite Pita Pit location.

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