TV2 Sports Looking Forward to 2013 Athletics

TV2 Sports

The TV2 Sports Team shared what they are looking forward to the most in Kent State athletics and sports off campus in 2013.

Kyle Vertoch (Thursday Flashcast Anchor)

As far as Kent State athletics, I am looking forward to the Kent State softball season. They just signed three of the top recruits in the nation that are expected to contribute immediately. Maddy Grimm, Ronnie Ladines and Nicole Teefy are the three players. Outside of Kent State, I’m pretty pumped to see what the Browns do this offseason, as far as free-agent acquisitions go. A piece like WR Greg Jennings or a veteran linebacker would put this team close to an AFC North championship.

Ty Sugick (Thursday Web Sports Anchor)

I’m most looking forward to seeing how the baseball team will fair this semester. Since the men’s bball team is not playing well, I guess we will have to look forward to the possible return to the college World Series. And also I want to see how the football recruiting is affected by the coaching change.

Cris Ross (TV2 Sports Reporter)

For myself, with being new to campus and Kent State, I’m looking forward to being able to follow Kent State sports with meaning. Also, looking forward to seeing how the Men’s Basketball team finishes this season and interested in how The Golden Flashes do in football next season with a new head coach. With outside of Kent, I’m interested in seeing the Lakers make a bounce back from this rough beginning of the season due to the fact of Steve Nash moving from Phoenix to L.A. for title contention.

Rich Pierce (Sports Corner Anchor)

More than anything I am looking forward to the baseball season and how the team will bounce back after losing players to graduation, MLB draft etc. Baseball provided the first great sports ride in Kent since the basketball team went to the Elite 8 nearly a decade ago. Now, they have earned our undivided attention. Outside of Kent, the NHL is back and it will be interesting to see what happens in a shortened season. Fast starts are more important than ever and consistency is key.

Zach Harley (Monday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

I’m most looking forward to seeing if the KSU baseball team can repeat what they did last year. If they do get that far I’m going to be seeing how they got there and how they can get further than 2012. Also looking forward to the X Games this weekend and the Indians season starting, especially with all the offseason moves they’ve made.

Hunter Austin (Wednesday Web Sports Anchor)

I am most looking forward to seeing how Kent State’s football team will react to losing coach Hazell. Hazell’s recruits are bountiful on a Golden Flash team that has to deal with high expectations for the first time in recent history. Outside of Kent State I’m excited to see if a team can unseat the Miami Heat as NBA champions. The Clippers, Knicks, and Thunder can all be considered serious contenders for the crown that rests on King James’ head.

Sean Eiler (TV2 Sports Reporter)

KSU Football. Would like to see if Dri can put on a repeat performance, and if the team can transition smoothly into the Paul Haynes era. Interested to see the Heisman race. Manziel, Clowney, Mccaron, Watkins, Yeldon. Talent filled season.

Jacob Corcoran (Sports Corner Anchor)

Dustin Kilgore could possibly be the most successful athlete ever to play at Kent State. It is a privilege for KSU fans to be able to watch him wrestle, so make sure you make time to go see him. Outside of Kent State sports, I think it will be interesting to see if Tiger Woods gets back to his old ways. He’s in great shape as usual, the question is, and does he have the mental capacity it takes to play like he used to?

Michael Drake (Friday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

I am looking forward to seeing how Kent State athletics handles national level success in 2013. With national rankings in football, baseball, wrestling and so on the question becomes, will they continue to strive for excellence or will the satisfaction of success prove to be their first step toward failure. As for outside of Kent, I am looking forward to a couple of things. First, I am interested to see the future changes in football in terms of safety issues as they are already threatening to take away kickoffs and so on. Second, the NCAA is working toward a way of making the playoff system for college football that ought to be interesting. And lastly, as much as Cleveland fans hate Lebron James (or so they claim) the fact is, LeBron could opt out of his contract with the Heat and possibly return to the Cavaliers. Surely Cleveland fans will love him again right?

Alison Reilly (TV2 Sports Reporter)

After the history-making season our football team had this past season, I have to say that is what I’m most looking forward to for Kent State Athletics in 2013. Being a twirler in the marching band and attending all the games, I am very excited and interested to see how our new head coach leads the team in what I think will be another winning season with a trip to another bowl game, and a possible run to the MAC Championship Game for the 2nd year in a row. Moving outside KSU, as a die-hard Cleveland sports fan, I have to say seeing how our professional teams do is what I look forward to the most every year. Just as we saw with Kent State, you never know when a team could finally have all the pieces to make it a successful season. With a new Browns head coach, and possibly a few more good draft picks for the Cavs, I have to believe that this year can be better!

Christian Petrila (Monday Web Sports Anchor)

When it comes to KSU, I want to see if the baseball team can get back to Omaha and possibly advance farther than they did last year. I just wonder how they’ll fare despite having so many players drafted after last season. On a national level, I want to see what the revamped Cleveland Indians can do after all the changes they made during the offseason.

Andy Jardy (Friday Sports Anchor)

I am most looking forward to the Kent State football season. New coach, with explosive players like Archer and Durham returning, it will be interesting to see if the Flashes can keep the momentum going from the historic 2012 season. Games at Penn State and LSU are chances to make a splash on the national stage.

Jon Jankowski (TV2 Sports Director)

The most interesting thing in 2013 surrounding Kent State sports will be wrestler Dustin Kilgore trying to win a second national title. Kilgore could go down as the greatest athlete of all time in KSU history if he wins another one. Off campus I am looking forward to the NFL draft, it is one of the first drafts I can remember where I did not know who was going to be the first pick.

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