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The TV2 Sports Team shared their score predictions on Super Bowl 47.

Kyle Vertoch (Wednesday Flashcast Anchor)

The 49ers have been successful all season with their defensive schemes that tend to confuse the opposing offense, reason being why they only allow 17 points per game. Joe Flacco is currently ranked 14th in passing yards, 17th in touchdowns and 19th in the league in completion rating. Meanwhile, the 49ers run defense and pass defense are at the top five in the league. I think the big game will be a close fight throughout, but Colin Kaepernick running the offense and Patrick Willis anchoring the defense, the 49ers will prevail in the end.

49ers 21- 14

Ty Sugick (Thursday Web Sports Anchor)

I think the Ravens will win this because they are doing it for Ray Lewis and they are this close from winning it all. I also think the Ravens defense will have Kapernick running for his life.

Ravens 21- 10

Cris Ross (TV2 Sports Reporter)

With this being Ray Lewis last game of his career the defense will hold the momentum. Joe Flacco, with Jim Cladwell calling the shots, makes the Ravens air attack potent and more confident which will take stress off the running game and Ray Rice. The 49ers 8 man front is strong but the Ravens recievers and Flacco’s arm strength hold the advantage when it comes to the 49ers secondary.

Ravens 24- 13

Rich Pierce (Sports Corner Anchor)

The 49ers have the better defense and the better offense. The 49ers have the better head coach and quarterback. However, I’ve been wrong about almost every game this post season.

Ravens 27-24

Zach Harley (Monday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

Kaepernick will bring another dimension to the QB position that the Ravens haven’t seen all year. San Fran makes a late stop to kill any dreams of a comeback for Baltimore.

49ers 31-24

Hunter Austin (Wednesday Web Sports Anchor)

Super Bowl champions always seem to get hot just at the right time. Being from Pittsburgh one of the most vivid sports memories I have is the entire Steelers team rallying around Jerome Bettis during his final season to end his career with a Super Bowl title. I see a determined Ravens team with their spiritual leader, Ray Lewis, ready to send their best player in franchise history off in style.

Ravens 27-21

Sean Eiler (TV2 Sports Reporter)

Joe Flacco will be the MVP with 3 TD passes.

Colin Kaepernick will do plenty of damage, but Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith will just be too much for the 49ers.

Ravens 28-24

Jacob Corcoran (Sports Corner Anchor)

Defense wins championships. The 49ers have the better defense and that is why they will win Super Bowl 47. I predict it will be a close game, but in the end its going to be all 49ers.

49ers 23-13

Michael Drake (Friday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

This is a tough one for me because I love the old school pro-style offense of the Ravens run but I also love the excitement of read option football San Francisco brings to the table. Although my emotions will be with former Kent State head football coach Dean Pees and the Baltimore Ravens defense as the era of Ray Lewis comes to an end, I believe the secondary of the Ravens is too limited in depth to keep up with the 49ers passing attack. Kaepernick remained confident and under control in a hostile Atlanta atmosphere. If he can manage to do the same here at the biggest game of his young career.

49ers 23-20

Alison Reilly (TV2 Sports Reporter)

Everything points to a 49ers win, and I don’t think very many people ever thought the Ravens would go this far in the playoffs. I know I didn’t, but that’s what’s cool about sports. So maybe they will surprise myself and many others, I just don’t see them having enough to beat a team like San Francisco.

49ers 24-14

Andy Jardy (Friday Sports Anchor)

I think the Ravens will win. Everything seems to be falling in to place for Ray Lewis to go out a winner. I like the Ravens to win by two touchdowns.

Ravens 27-13

Jon Jankowski (TV2 Sports Director)

Two straight years Joe Flacco has played better than the best quarterback in the NFL Tom Brady. Flacco this postseason has thrown for 8 touchdowns and zero interceptions and will lead the Ravens to a victory.

Ravens 28-24

Michelle Hennon (Thursday Flashcast Sports Anchor)

Colin Kaepernick will run wild on the Ravens defense and Randy Moss will have 2 touchdown catches for him to back up what he said about him being the greatest receiver to ever play the game.

49ers 27-17

Sean Barie (Monday Sports Anchor)

I feel like Joe Flacco will make a few mistakes…a pick six maybe? The Ravens rank 20th in the league in Rush Defense. Colin Kaepernick will put on a clinic against the slower Baltimore linebackers.

49ers 27-17

Glenn Bolich (TV2 Sports Reporter)

I am still convinced the Ravens are not the best team in the AFC. They got hot at the right time and that’s what matters. The 49ers are a fantastic overall team with a variety of weapons. Kaepernick is going to spoil Lewis’ party and build on his own legacy. Flacco will make a mistake that will cost his team a win. San Fran ties the Steelers for six total SB rings.

49ers 34-28

Michelle Warner (TV2 Sports Reporter)

My Super Bowl prediction is that Destiny’s Child will get back

together!!! HAHA kidding, but seriously.

I predict

someone from the Ravens will get injured and Ray Lewis will be all

about himself.

49ers 24-20

Matt Jarchow (TV2 Sports Reporter)

Not a single expert had the Ravens beating Peyton Manning, then nobody had them going into Tom Brady’s domain and winning there too. Well I’m a believer now. This team is playing great football, and I think Ray Rice has a big game. Ray Lewis makes a few plays and Colin Kaepernick makes a big mistake late in the game.

Ravens 21-20

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