Commuter students invited to “Breakfast for Dinner” event

Arielle Campanalie

Off-Campus and Commuter Services is hosting its first commuter event “Breakfast for Dinner” Thursday at 4 p.m. in The Nest.

Rebecca Kapler, coordinator for Off-Campus and Commuter Services organized the event. She said she is looking forward to seeing the commuter outcome.

“We’re trying to build our number of commuters involved on campus,” Kapler said. “We were able to talk to a lot of freshman this year.”

Kapler said the “Breakfast for Dinner” event will be a nice chance for commuters to get together to enjoy a meal.

Brittni Marconi, senior psychology major, said she has commuted from Stow to Kent for the past four years of college. Marconi said she read about the event, and plans to attend Thursday.

“Even though I’m a senior, I enjoy things to keep me involved socially on campus,” Marconi said.

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