Five Kent State students indicted for burglary

DKS Staff

A Portage County grand jury indicted five Kent State students in mid-December charged with the Dec. 1 burglary of a University Drive residence.

Dontell Higgins, David Coleman, Kwan Bailey, all 21, and SeVaughn Knight and Austin Wilson, both 19, were indicted on one count each of burglary, according to Portage County public records.

The court released the students on personal recognizance bonds, which restricts them from contacting the owners of the residence at 126 University Drive.

According to Kent city police reports, officers arrived at the scene of the burglary at approximately 12:55 a.m.

“When the officers pulled up, they saw the kids leaving and dropping most of the stolen goods on the ground,” Kent Police Administrative Lt. James Prusha said.

Prusha said the suspects took a video games system, a TV, a laptop computer and multiple DVDs, though police recovered most of the goods.

Unsure if the students are to return to Kent for the spring semester, Prusha said, “I hope the fact that they’ve been indicted will change their behavior.”

Trials are set to start in April.