Kent State implements mandatory COVID-19 testing for spring semester


Kent State announced it is implementing mandatory COVID-19 testing on campus. 

Kent State announced it will implement mandatory COVID-19 testing in the spring semester for students living on campus, students working on campus and students registered for in-person courses, according to an email from Kent State President Todd Diacon. 

The university also said it will implement random screening testing for groups of employees who are unable to maintain physical distancing standards during their work on campus. 

Anyone who fails to comply with any imposed health requirement, such as COVID-19 testing, may be subject to student or employee disciplinary action, Diacon said.

The mandatory testing on campus is part of a new administrative policy adopted by the university. According to Diacon, the policy will give Kent State the ability to establish health requirements for members of the university community. 

The policy will apply to the entire university community, including faculty, staff, students and student organizations conducting their activities on or off campus, as well as to visitors to any Kent State campus. Medical and religious exemptions may be granted, the email said.

Diacon said this approach is central to Kent State’s COVID-19 prevention strategy for the spring semester.

The policy will remain in effect through June 30, 2021. Diacon said the university will reevaluate the need for testing measures next year depending on the state of the pandemic.

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