Election 2012: Live coverage from Columbus

The Chairman of the Ohio GOP, Bob Bennett, speaks to guests at the Ohio Republican Election Night Party in Columbus. Various speakers including Senate candidate Josh Mandel are expected to speak while guests await poll results. Photo by Jenna Watson

DKS/TV2 Reporters

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Election 2012 | Columbus

DKS and TV2 reporters are standing by in Columbus for the Senate watch parties of Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel.

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TV2 and The Daily Kent Stater have arrived at the Hilton hotel in downtown Columbus. #KWvote #DemWatchPartyErika Kerr
Here at the GOP Watch Party in Columbus #KWVote http://pic.twitter.com/BkPcUpdfAJ Atkinson
Just arrived at the Democratic Watch Party in downtown Columbus! #KWvote #electionday2012Erika Kerr
Arrived in Columbus. About 4 hours before the GOP Watch Party begins. Follow me as I tweet the events #KWVoteAJ Atkinson
In Columbus covering the Senate race. Who’s going to win? #KWvoteRex Santus