Hazell, Archer and Terhune preview game vs Ohio

Jon Jankowski

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Kent State Football Head Coach Darrell Hazell, RB Dri Archer and DL Nate Terhune preview Friday’s game against Ohio. Follow TV2 Sports on Twitter @TV2KSUSports.

Notes From the Monday Kent State Football Press Conference

*Coach Hazell said he did not expect the Gatorade Shower so quickly after the win vs. Bowling Green.

*Dri Archer said quarterback Spencer Keith made a check to have Archer perform a running play on his final touchdown vs. BGSU.

*RB Trayion Durahm is probable on Friday.

*Even though KSU clinched the MAC East Hazell says they are playing the game against Ohio like it is just another game.

*Hazell recognizes the dangerous players to watch out for are Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton and running back Beau Blankenship.

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