Flashes fall short of MAC title

Tim Dorst, Grant Engle

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MAC Championship | Flashes vs. Huskies

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Good game boys!! Congrats to making it this far boys! #KSUvsNIU Paige Elizabeth
The OC and QB literally just cost #KSU the MAC title. Good show, but…smh. #KSUvsNIUCody O’Neal
Wow! BIG UPSET! #KSUvsNIUMont Toronto
#Flashes down to their last play. It’s either first down, or game over. Simple as that. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
NIU bails out Kent State with Pass interference call. #Flashes have the ball on the 11 now. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Lynch with the leaping touchdown to give NIU the lead once again. About to be 44-37 Huskies. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Huskies start off with big run by Daniels. First and goal. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes choose to go on defense this time so NIU will have the ball to start the second OT period. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
I think I’m having a stroke #MACtion #KSUvsNIUMaura Zurick
Field goal is good, and we are going into a second overtime tied at 37. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes get the stop. Now NIU has a chance to tie it back up. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Reverse on 3rd and 1? #comeonman #kentstateHank Spencer
Let’s go Kent! #golden #flashes #MACtion #overtimeAngela Cella
#Flashes take 37-34 lead. Huskies will get their chance on offense, and a TD would win the game for NIU. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes fumble on third and one but recover it. @fcortez45 with the go ahead field goal…and it’s good! #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack #KentStateFootball #KSUvsNIUAdrianna Braho
Comebacks are just the name of the game in the #MAC#MACtion #KSUvsNIUAndrew Willford
I’m following the #KSUvsNIU game via twitter from the @mountain_goats show at @GreyEagleMusic. Keep those tweets coming!Michael McFarland
Let’s go offense! We got this #flashes #KSUvsNIU Lil Shawtyyy
#ksuvsniu good gameCole Dodd
Huskies win toss and choose to go on defense first. #Flashes start on offense with the ball on the 25. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
OT in Detroit! #MACchampionship #flashes mhelt10
Go #KENT #GoldenFlashes #KentStateFootball #KSUvsNIUPaige Elizabeth
Come on Kent State! #KSUvsNIU #GoFlashesMichael McFarland
Overtime in Detroit come on Kent State! #IHateNIU #NIU #MACtion #KSUvsNIULuke Zerkle
First overtime game for the #Flashes since 2008 vs Akron. Also first #MAC title game ever to go into OT. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
@NicholasMendola in the voice of our fav hockey announcer “we’re going to ooovvvveeerrrrtttimmeee”. #KSUvsNIUSandi Cunningham
And we’re headed to OT in Detroit. #MACtion #ksuvsniuRyan Yeater
Everyone on my feed is freaking out. This game. #GoldenFlashes #MACtion #KSUvsNIUJennifer Shore
#Flashes need a stop on this possession. They cannot allow NIU to run all over them like last time. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Please DEFENSE!! #KSUvsNIUSandi Cunningham
@Ian_Leonard97 GAME OF THE CENTURY #KSUvsNIUAdam Betz
Let’s Go Kent State!!! #KSUvsNIU #MacChampionship!!! @EmilycheezitNate Ismond
The MAC Championship game is absolutely crazy! #KSUvsNIU #goFlashes #MACPrideLanden Kiser
Keith with the rollout and nice pass to Tim Erjavec for the TD! Cortez’ kick ties the game with 44 seconds to play. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
TOUCHDOWN. #KSUvsNIUJennifer Shore
KSU Quarterback SUCKS… But his clock management is pretty good. #KSUvsNIUCody O’Neal
Don’t think I’ve EVER seen a MAC team go BCS. #KSUvsNIUCody O’Neal
My twitter feed just went crazy after two touchdowns from Kent in 15 seconds! #KSUvsNIUMichael McFarland
NIU answers back quickly with a touchdown run by Lynch. Extra point will put them right back up by 7. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Looks like we have us a ball game in Detroit. #MACtion #KSUvsNIUJøsiah
@fcortez45 PAT makes it 27-20 with 4:53 left in the game. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Looks like Keith got the ball over the line when his knee hit. Should stand as called and it does. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Keith hitting the Huskies with some of their medicine. Three straight runs leads to a touchdown for Kent State. Under review. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes not done yet. Big pass play from Keith to Archer has them showing some life in the fourth. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
As I say that, the Huskies are forced to punt. They down it at the four however, so Kent has a long way to go. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
I honestly don’t remember the last time NIU punted. Their offense has just been potent tonight. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes take a risk and go for it on fourth down, but it doesn’t pay off. Huskies get the ball back #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes thoPatrick Lang
A touchdown early in the 4th would put the #Flashes in good position to possibly tie this up. They’ll need to stop Lynch though. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes driving as we head into the fourth quarter. Huskies lead 27-13 #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Pass from Keith to Archer gives the #Flashes a much-need first down. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Come on Kent State, don’t give up #KSUvsNIUTami CindeaBongiorni
Kent State gets a big return from Adeyemi, but need to capitalize on it. Still plenty of time left. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
RT @zebrababy_xO Come on boys! #KentStateFootball #KSU #KSUvsNIUfelicia ranee
Come on boys! #KentStateFootball #KSU #KSUvsNIUPaige Elizabeth
#Flashes finally get a stop on third down, but NIU gets a field goal to extend their lead to two touchdowns. 27-13. @KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
18,132 in attendance tonight at Ford Field. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
NIU is just converting every third down, and most of them are on runs by Lynch. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Ugly-looking drive by Kent State leads to yet another punt. Not looking good at all for the #Flashes right now. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Eric Adeyemi returns the kickoff and gets blasted on the tackle. I’m surprised he held on to the ball. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Lynch runs it in from one-yard out. With the extra points, Huskies will take 24-13 lead. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Big run by Lynch on fourth-and-inches sets up first and goal for Huskies. #Flashes have no answer for him. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
@fcortez45 kicks another field goal, this time from 24 yards out. #Flashes cut into the deficit, 17-13. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Defensive pass interference on NIU give the #Flashes a first down the Huskies 11-yard line. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
all i want for christmas is for the #flashes to win. #beatNIUMabel Nevel
Lets Go KENT! Now everyone knows Lou Holtz is a Flash. #Flashes #2half #kent #ksu #alumni #MAC #kentwatchparty #niuvsksuLaura Ziemianski
Lets go Kent! #flashes #KSUfootballCaitlin Summers
Lets go Kent! #flashes #KSUfootballCaitlin Summers
#Flashes will get the ball to start the half and they need to get something going right off the bat. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
C’mon KSU Golden Flashes!!! Let’s do this in the 2nd Half! #KSU #FlashesJosiah Sell
C’mon KSU Golden Flashes!!! Let’s do this in the 2nd Half! #KSU #FlashesJosiah Sell
S/O to @ESPNDrLou for the Kent State love. #flashesTimothy Tapocsi
End of the first half, Huskies 17, #Flashes 10. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Go Flashes! #KSUvsNIUThe Burr
Lynch’s pass intercepted by Leon Green on the two-yard line. Well-needed turnover for the #Flashes. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Keith sacked on third down, #Flashes to punt again. NIU in complete control right now. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes can’t get anything going on the ground. Both Archer and Durham getting contained at this point. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Come on Kent!! #LetsGo #KSUvsNIUJOsH gOgAn
NIU takes the lead with a one-yard run by Akeem Daniels. Extra point makes it 17-10 Huskies. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Huskies offense rolling again and now threatening to take the lead. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
@beinlikemike made it on TV! #kentstate #flashes #detroit #macchampionship http://instagr.am/p/SrMSyByaZw/Shawna Brown
Confusion on the field for NIU as Lynch is forced to take third and final timeout with 8:31 to go in the half. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
At Ford Field watching the #Huskies vs #Flashes!!!Tori
Huskies tie the game at 10 with a touchdown pass from Lynch to Martel Moore. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Archer stopped in the backfield on third down. #Flashes will have to punt for the third time tonight. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#bulldogs #maroonandgold #flashes #blueandgold @smckddy46 @Jsimon71 http://pic.twitter.com/P4LAHQ8lAlyssa Jean
#Flashes contained Lynch early in the quarter until that last drive. Huskies getting nothing done with the short passes. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
@JoshCribbs16 GO #KentState #Flashes http://pic.twitter.com/LENYJl4sBrad Trocki
End of the first quarter, Kent State with a 10-3 advantage #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
NIU kicker Matthew Simms boots a 27-yard field goal through the uprights. No fake this time. 10-3 #Flashes lead. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Huskies go for the first down instead and Lynch rumbles forward for 17 yards. He’s hard to bring down. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
NIU seemed to have a fake FG planned but called a timeout before it could take place. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Truth be told, I’m much happier watching the game with our fans than the box #kentstate #flashes http://pic.twitter.com/VMYt0VdoZach O’Connor
NIU offense starting to find its groove at the moment. Took them up until now to make any significant movement. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
@fcortez45 told me early in the week he was looking forward to kicking in a dome. I’m sure he’s feeling right at home out there. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
After a trick play and shovel pass attempt goes bad, @fcortez45 cleans it up with a 37-yard field goal. 10-0 #Flashes #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
unless you truly know the history (or lack thereof) of Kent State football, there is no way you can grasp how huge this is #FlashesTy Patton
My first tweet in a long time… has to go to my boys ballin in Detroit! #kentstate #goflashesUsama Young
That punt took the craziest bounce I’ve ever seen. Works in the #Flashes favor, that’s for sure. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#Flashes D gets to Lynch in the backfield, coupled with intentional grounding call. NIU punts it away #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Jordan Lynch showing off his arm strength with a bullet pass over the middle. Not doing much in the running game thus far. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
@Dri_Archer1 gets the #Flashes on the board in the first! 15-yard touchdown run makes it 7-0. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
NIU fumbles on the return and #Flashes recover. They’ll have the ball on the Huskies 22 yard line. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Keith’s pass to Archer ruled incomplete, and #Flashes can’t convert on third down. Melchiori in to punt again. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
NIU forced to punt once again. #Flashes will ahve the ball on their own 27 yard line. Still plenty of time in the first quarter. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Spencer Keith forced to throw it away on third down. #Flashes will have to punt on their first possession #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
I love football. Talk about separation haha #KSUFootball #flashes #GoKSU #BeatNIU http://pic.twitter.com/KYEj7KBCRachel Hatridge
#Flashes defense forces a three and out on first drive of the game. Pretty nice start for them #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
@fcortez45 kicks it and the #MAC title game is underway! #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
#MAC Championship about to get underway. Kent State wins the toss and choose to defer to the second half. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
You can also listen to myself and @TheOtherCP3 broadcast the MAC Championship here: http://bit.ly/9DFIuG #KWSports #KentState #MACtionNick Shook
This is quite the experience here at Ford Field for the #MAC Championship. Awesome view for the biggest game in Kent St. history. #KSUvsNIUTim Dorst
Here we go!!! #MACFootball #Flashes #Huskies 35 minutes to kick!! http://pic.twitter.com/wxCCZk3mGreg Janik
Spending the rest of the night here! #ksuvsniu #fordfield #mac http://instagr.am/p/Sq9Iy7qCX4/Matt Hafley
Kent State is appearing in its 1st MAC title game and hasn’t won a conference crown since 1972 (also its last bowl app). #NIUvsKSU #MACESPN Stats & Info
It was a tough one tonight, but I got #KentState winning the #MAC #KSUvsNIUSportsAccording2Neil
Traveling to Detroit for the MAC Championship with @andy_baskin and @WEWSsports #Flashes #MACtion #KWSports History being madeGabriel Kramer
Service Plaza on turnpike had a number of fans in Golden Flash gear #Flashes #KWSportsGabriel Kramer
I’ve seen a few Kent State bumper stickers and liscense plate frames on the way to Detroit #Flashes #KWSportsGabriel Kramer
Flashes seek first Mid-American Conference football title in 40 years tonight vs. Northern Illinois in Record Courier http://www.recordpub.com/sports/2012/11/30/golden-flashes-seek-first-mid-american-conference-football-title-in-40-years-tonight-vs-northern-illinoisKent State Athletics

Kent State and Northern Illinois battled for nearly four hours Friday night in Detroit and the two teams needed extra periods to decide who would walk away with the Mid-American Conference Championship.

The Flashes kept hanging on and keeping the game close throughout the night, but the Huskies were simply too much for the Flashes to handle.

NIU Quarterback Jordan Lynch tallied 372 total yards and scored four touchdowns as the Huskies defeated the Flashes 44-37 in double overtime to win their second straight MAC Championship.

Lynch threw for 212 yards and a touchdown while rushing for 160 yards and three more scores to propel NIU to the victory in the second overtime session.

It was a heartbreaking finish for a Kent State team looking for its first MAC title since 1972. Head coach Darrell Hazell said getting over a loss like this will take awhile.

“This is a tough one for us to swallow right now,” Hazell said. “That’s a great football team we played, and I’m proud of our team for battling back when we were down 14 points.”

The Flashes’ running game, which had been the team’s main strength this season, was stifled for most of the night by NIU’s defense and ended the game with only 92 rushing yards. Junior running back Dri Archer, Kent State’s leading rusher, was held to just 15 yards on 12 carries.

In the first overtime game in the history of the MAC Championship game, both teams matched one another with a field goal in the first extra period. Senior kicker Freddy Cortez converted on a 33-yard field goal to give the Flashes a 37-34 lead, and NIU kicker Matthew Sims answered by booting a 40-yarder to tie it up once again.

In the second period, Lynch followed a 23-yard run by halfback Akeem Daniels by keeping the ball and diving into the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown run. When Kent State tried to answer on its chance to score, senior quarterback Spencer Keith threw an interception that ended the game.

Hazell said the Flashes had a difficult time handling Lynch all game and added that the team just didn’t make enough plays down the stretch.

“We just needed to make a few more plays at the end,” Hazell said. “That’s an excellent football team, and their quarterback is exceptional. We had a hard time tackling him all day. Right now, the guys in our locker room are hurting.”

The first turning point of the game came relatively early in the first quarter when NIU fumbled on a punt return and Kent State recovered deep in Huskies territory. The Flashes didn’t hesitate to capitalize on the turnover, as Archer took the handoff on a reverse two plays later and ran 15 yards for the touchdown.

The Flashes tacked on three more points in the first quarter when Cortez kicked a 37-yard field goal to extend their lead to 10.

NIU would begin its rally late in the first. After Lynch converted on a fourth down with a 17-yard run, Huskies kicker Matthew Simms booted a 27-yard field goal through the uprights to move within a touchdown of the Flashes.

In the second quarter, Lynch led the Huskies 59 yards on six plays and finished off the drive with a 14-yard touchdown pass to Martel Moore, tying the score at 10.

Kent State quarterback Spencer Keith attempted to get the Flashes offense going in the second, but Keith’s long pass attempt was intercepted by Huskies safety Dechane Durante. Momentum immediately shifted back to NIU, and the Huskies turned the mistake into points with a touchdown run by Akeem Daniels to take 17-10 lead.

NIU carried that lead into halftime after racking up 245 total first half yards against the Flashes. Kent State gained only 50 yards in the first half.

The second half featured much of the same with the Flashes gaining very few yards on offense. While they managed to put another field goal on the scoreboard to cut into the deficit, Kent State’s offense never played at the level it had during the regular season.

The Huskies offense continued to excel in the third quarter, especially on third downs. NIU converted on three straight third-down plays at one point and capped off a 75-yard drive with a touchdown run by Lynch. NIU followed up with a 29-yard field goal to take a two-touchdown lead going into the fourth quarter.

The Flashes began to show life in the fourth quarter, sparked by a 60-yard pass from Keith to Archer to get them into Huskies territory. Keith then took a page out of Lynch’s playbook with three straight quarterback keepers — the last of which got him into the end zone for his fourth rushing score of the season.

With Kent State trailing 27-20, Lynch took a hit and fumbled the football on the NIU 29 yard line. Junior linebacker Zach Hitchens scooped up the ball and took it back for a touchdown, tying the game with 4:38 remaining.

The Huskies responded almost immediately as they drove 75 yards in four plays ending with a nine-yard touchdown run by Lynch.

Kent State had one last chance to tie the game up yet again. After a few successful passing plays moved the Flashes down the field, Keith found junior tight end Tim Erjavec in the end zone for the touchdown that sent the game into overtime.

Despite the loss, the Flashes season is not over. The team will receive a bowl invitation Sunday night

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Live Blog


In the end, Jordan Lynch was just too much for the Flashes defense. Congratulations to NIU on a great game. Also, congratulations to the Flashes for a great effort. Thanks to everyone who followed along.


Spencer Keith throws a prayer into the endzone and it’s intercepted by Demetrius Stone. The Flashes fall to NIU 44-37 in double overtime.


Flashes are now looking at a fourth down and eight at the nine yard line. Darrell Hazell calls a timeout. It’s basically all or nothing for Kent State right here.


Pass interference called on NIU. Kent State gets a new set of downs and are sitting at the nine yard line.


Third and eight for the Flashes from the 24 yard line. Kent State is in big trouble.


The Flashes need a TD and an extra point to stay alive. You have to believe it’s Dri Archer time for Kent State.


Jordan Lynch leaps into the endzone from the two yard line. The Huskies score in two plays and less than one minute.


The FG is good. Great kick by NIU kicker Matthew Sims. We’ll go into the second overtime period tied at 37. This time, the Huskies will get the ball first, and the Flashes will see what they need to beat.


The Flashes force a three-and-out of sorts. NIU will be forced to go for the tie and kick a 40-yard FG.


In one of the more questionable offensive calls of the year, the Flashes run a reverse to the fullback, who fumbles the ball. Luckily for Kent State, Spencer Keith recovered. Cortez knocked in a FG. NIU needs a touchdown to win the MAC Championship. 37-34 Flashes.


Sophomore running back Trayion Durham rumbles to the five yard line. The Huskies take their only timeout of the overtime period. Second and one for the Flashes.


It’s probably safe to say this format favors the Huskies because of their prolific offense. However, Kent State converted on a thrid down, and now have a first and 10 at the 14 yard line.


NIU won the coin toss and will go on defense first. That means they will know what their offense will need to either win or force another overtime period when they get the ball.


Overtime rules: Each team gets one timeout. Each team gets a possession starting at the 25 yard line per period. In the third overtime, teams must go for two-point conversations in lieu of extra points.


Free football at Ford Field. The Flashes stop the NIU offense and we are going to overtime with the score tied at 34. This will be the first overtime game since 2008 for the Flashes.


Cortez crushes another kickoff, and NIU will start from their own 20. The Huskies offense has gained yards in bunches. Overtime is not guaranteed just yet.


Spencer Keith scrambles to his left and throws a TD pass to Tim Erjavec. Cortez ties the game once again. The KSU faithful are going crazy at Ford Field. 34-34 with 44 seconds remaining.


Flashes take their second timeout. They have one remaining. The offense is looking at a third and 10 from the NIU 22 yard line. It’s TD or bust for the Flashes.


The Flashes convert and have a new set of downs via a pass from Keith to Humphrey. They’re at the 33 yard line with 1:52 remaining.


The Flashes are looking at a third and two with 2:16 remaining at the NIU 40 yard line.


The Flashes convert a third and 10 and are in NIU territory at the 47 yard line. How much tension can you handle?


KSU will start from their own 43 yard line. They need to score here to keep their dreams alive. There is 3:12 remaining in the game.


That drive only took four plays and 1:26 for the Huskies to regain the lead. Huge disappointment for the Flashes defense.


NIU picks up huge chunks of yards, and Jordan Lynch runs into the endzone to take back the lead. The KSU fan section has fallen silent once again. NIU adds the extra point and goes up 34-27. There is 3:12 remaining in the game.


Cortez forces another touchback. NIU will start from their own 20 yard line.


The Kent State fan section is going absolutely nuts. Chance of K-S-U are echoing through Ford Field. This will be another enormous defensive series for the Flashes.


Zach Hitchens scoops up a fumble and rumbles into the endzone to tie the game. The Flashes have tied the game at 27-27. There is 4:38 remaining in the game.


This will be the biggest defensive series in the history of Kent State football. They must get a stop to give themselves a chance to send the game into overtime.


Not enough evidence to overturn the call on the field. The play stands a TD. Cortez knocks home the extra point. The Huskies lead 27-20 with 4:53 remaining in the game.


Keith scrambles into the endzone for what was called a five-yard TD run. However, the play is under review. It looks like Keith may have been a yard short.


Keith unloads a missile to Dri Archer for a 60-yard reception to the NIU 22 yard line.


Kent State finally makes a stop, and NIU punts it away. The ball is downed at the KSU four yard line. This will make a TD even more difficult for the Flashes struggling offense.


The Flashes defense looks exhausted. Jordan Lynch and Akeem Daniels are wearing them out pretty badly.


The Flashes continue to get beat by Jordan Lynch. He converts another third down. NIU has the ball at their own 25 yard line.


The Flashes are stopped for no gain. The Flashes go for it on fourth down, and Dri Archer comes up a yard shy. NIU will take over on the six yard line.


That’s the end of the third quarter. NIU leads 27-13. Kent State has the ball at the on the Huskies 12 yard line, and is looking at a third and nine.


The Flashes have three first downs on this drive. They had four in the entire first half. Kent State sits at the NIU 14 yard line.


Eric Adeyemi returns the kickoff into NIU territory to the 37 yard line. The Flashes need a TD here to keep the game within reach.


The Flashes finally make a stop on third down, but the Huskies will only need to sink a 29-yard FG to extend the lead, and they make it. The Huskies now lead 27-13 with 2:38 remaining in the third quarter.


Announced attendance of 18,132 at Ford Field.


The Flashes force a third down, but Lynch continues to slash the KSU defense and picks up another first down.


More of the same from the Flashes offense. They’re completely unable to move the ball, and Anthony Melchiori punts it away. NIU will start from their own 45 yard line.


Huskies Jordan Lynch has set the single-season rushing record for a QB. The Flashes aren’t the only team to have a tough time stopping him.


The Flashes can’t stop Jordan Lynch, and he runs for a one-yard TD. Huskies lead 24-13 with 7:26 remaining in the third quarter.


The Flashes force fourth and inches, but the Huskies convert a huge run down to the Flashes four yard line.


NIU will start from the 20 yard line again. The Flashes defense needs to find a way to slow down Jordan Lynch.


Flashes get in the red zone but can’t get in the endzone. Freddy Cortez knocks home a 24-yard FG. The Huskies lead 17-13.


Keith’s pass to Chris Humphrey forces a pass interference on NIU. The flashes have a first and ten at the 11 yard line.


Josh Boyle takes the opening kickoff of the second half to the 47 yard line. Good field position for KSU.


The Flashes are averaging 241.5 per game. They had only 21 yards in the first half of tonight’s game.


The real battle in the second half is between both head coaches. Darrell Hazell and Dave Doeren have made great adjustments late in games all season. Whoever does that better today will win the MAC Championship.


The NIU Huskies rattled off 15 first downs in the first half. The Flashes only managed four first downs.


After a somewhat puzzling series of play calls, the clock expires, and we go into halftime with NIU leading 17-10.


Lynch throws an interception to Leon Green at the two yard line. Flashes ball, and they need to get it out of their territory and flip the field on this possession.


NIU calls for a fair catch, and they’ll start at their own 37 yard line. They’ll have favorable field position because of the Flashes poor drive.


The Flashes offense is struggling mightily right now. Keith dropped for a sack, and that drive went backwards. Flashes will punt again.


Flashes to start on their own 35 yard line.


Akeem Daniels leaps over the pile for a one-yard TD. NIU leads 17-10. The Flashes offense needs to answer with a long scoring drive. 5:53 remaining in the half.


Lynch converts another third down with his feet. The Flashes don’t have an answer for when the play breaks down and he takes off.


NIU uses its third, and final, timeout of the half. They are looking at a third and seven with 8:31 remaining in the second quarter.


The Huskies cross midfield, and Jordan Lynch is starting to heat up.


Flashes QB Spencer Keith throws an errant pass, and it’s intercepted at the 42 yard line.


The game of “keep away from Dri” on kickoffs continues, and the Huskies kick it short to avoid the Flashes most explosive player. The Flashes will start on the 32 yard line.


The Huskies offense looked really good on that possession. They moved the ball methodically down the field. The Flashes defense will have to adjust.


NIU’s Jordan Lynch throws a 14-yard TD pass to Martel Moore. The extra point is good, and the Huskies have tied the game at 10-10.


Flashes forced to punt. Anthony Melchiori boots to the NIU 10 yard line, but it is returned 30 yards to the NIU 40 yard line.


That’s the end of the first quarter. The Flashes lead 10-3. Dri Archer owns the only TD of the game with a 15-yard run.


The NIU kicker shanks it out of bounds, and the Flashes will start at their own 35 yard line.


Flashes force another fourth down. NIU opts to kick the FG this time, and it’s good. 10-3 Flashes with 14 seconds left in the first quarter.


The Huskies choose to go for it the traditional way, and they convert. First down NIU on the KSU 14.


The Flashes defense bends but doesn’t break. They force a 37-yard FG attempt. In a strange turn, NIU runs a fake FG, but it’s negated by the Huskies taking a time out before the snap.


The Huskies are really starting to move the ball downfield. They sit at the KSU 38 yard line.


NIU starts from the 20 yard line after Cortez boots another touchback.


Cortez has made 12 of his last 14 FG attempts.


Freddy Cortez attempts a 37-yard FG, and it’s good. The Flashes lead 10-0 with 5:06 left in the first quarter.


NIU forced to punt again, and it only goes 18 yards. The Flashes will start from the Huskies 36 yard line.


NIU to start from their own 10 yard line.


Flashes run a reverse to Dri Archer and he takes it into the endzone for the first score of the game. It was a 15-yard run. Freddy Cortez adds the extra point to make it 7-0.


AND IT’S A FUMBLE. KSU picks it up at the NIU 21 yard line. The Flashes have the ball once again.


NIU forces another three-and-out. Back-and-forth we go with a defensive struggle so far.


Flashes defense forces another punt. KSU will start from the 26 yard line.


NIU forces a three-and-out as well. KSU will punt. NIU called for a block in the back. The Huskies will start from the 14 yard line.


Flashes defense forces a three-and-out. NIU punts and it rolls to the KSU 17 yard line. First possession for the Flashes


KSU kicker Freddy Cortez crushes the kick and it results in a touchback.

7:00 p.m.

Coin toss. Kent State wins the toss and elects to kickoff. They’ll get the ball to start the second half. Welcome to everybody following along.

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