Register now for KSU’s Broomball League

Breanna Reffel

Registration is now open for the Kent State Ice Arena’s Broomball League.

Two leagues are available. The Blue League is designed for teams with three or more semesters of experience and the Gold League is for teams with fewer than three semesters of experience.

A maximum of 30 teams can register. Each team will compete in six regular games. There is a single-elimination tournament for teams that qualify to determine the champion.

The Blue League plays its games Wednesdays, and the Gold League plays Sundays and Tuesdays.

Games are fully refereed on the recreational ice rink. Helmets, broomsticks and balls are provided. Teams are responsible for providing matching uniforms.

The team fee is $300. Deadline is Oct. 12.

To register a broomball team, visit the Ice Arena’s website.

Contact Breanna Reffel at [email protected].