Pantyhose and talent shows

Nana Battah

Women’s eveningwear, swimsuit and talent are among the categories for Kent State University’s first all-male pageant.

Twenty men, each representing a different student organization, will go head to head at Mr. Flash, a 7:30 p.m. event Thursday in the Kiva.

“This is not only an entertaining event for students to watch and partake in, but it also brings friendly competition to the Kent student organizations community the week of Kent State’s Homecoming,” said Sariya Winters, graduate assistant for programming, marketing and student engagement for Kent Student Center Programming and the Center of Student Involvement.

Contestants will compete in five categories, turning the tables on the usually female-only pageant shows, Winters said.

“I think it’s hilarious that KSU is doing something that will make fun of the whole homecoming queen drama and make it about guys who are trying to show each other up,” Omara Kazadi-Abe, senior public health major, said.

Winters and Craig Parsons, assistant student manger for the Kent State post office, will host the Mr. Flash event. The judges are Timeka Rashid, assistant dean of students and director for the Center of Student Involvement, Evan Gildenblatt, executive director of the Undergraduate Student Government, and Markus Jennings, associate director of athletic advancement.

“I’m glad that we’re giving students an outlet to show their pride in Kent State, and Mr. Flash is just another one of the many reasons this year’s homecoming festivities are going to be so great,” Gildenblatt said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity that the contestants will display.”

Mr. Flash is a free FLASHperks event. Students can receive 500 FLASHperks points, which may be redeemed for prizes or services available at

Steffahn Maclin, sophomore news major, said he is most looking forward to performing in the talent portion and is excited to be part of history in the university’s first male pageant.

“Hopefully 10 years down the road,” he said, “new contestants will be watching our videos trying to figure out what they can do to be the next Mr. Flash.”

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