Kent State student stars in ‘Annie Get Your Gun’



Rebecca Campbell

For a Kent State musical theater major, it’s “a dream come true” to be starring as Annie Oakley in “Annie Get Your Gun” in TrueNorth in Lorain County.

“The real Annie Oakley is my hero, and she has so many characteristics similar to me,” said Caitlin Hamm, junior theatre studies major. “This is my favorite show in the entire world. It’s been my dream to play her since I can remember.”

Hamm is performing at the French Creek Nature and Arts Center until Oct. 7. The show has been in production since Sept. 14.

“Annie Get Your Gun” is a musical about the fictionalized love story of sharpshooter Annie Oakley and Frank Butler, the “heartthrob” male lead.

Hamm said it was important for her to understand Annie because Annie has another side to her not a lot of people know about.

“When Annie and Frank realize they’re in love is my favorite scene, because that’s when she is at her most vulnerable,” Hamm said.

Hamm’s first time playing Annie Oakley was at Garfield Community Theater in Garfield with the same actor who is currently playing Frank, Justin Green. Hamm said the director contacted her about playing Annie again.

“[The director] was my acting coach,” Hamm said. “She’s my ‘go-to’ woman for work. She asked me to be Annie Oakley, so I auditioned and got the part!”

Hamm said she had five weeks of rehearsals because the director didn’t want them to be “scatterbrained.” She said it was helpful because she works better under stress.

“It was an hour and 10 minute commute to rehearsals, and it was hard the first couple weeks,” she said. “But I have family and friends near that area, so I could just stay at their house for the night and drive back in the morning.”

Hamm said the hardest part was the demanding physical aspect of the show because she was on stage most of the time. She said it was hard singing song after song, along with the quick costume changes.

The French Creek Nature and Arts Center is at 4530 Colorado Ave, Sheffield Village, Ohio. “Annie Get Your Gun” has shows Friday through Sunday, its final night of production. Visit for more information.

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