VIDEO: Don’t bother writing to your congressman

DKS editors

Don’t Bother Writing to Your Congressman from Karl Idsvoog on Vimeo.

Students in the computer-assisted reporting class at Kent State sent certified letters to the Ohio Congressional delegation asking for information about health care policies.

They wrote: “I’m sure as a member of Congress, you and your staff have collected a variety of studies on various healthcare systems as Congress hopes to develop legislation to improve healthcare in the United States.”

“Could you please send electronic copies of the most thoughtful analyses you have of the world systems and two of the most thoughtful analyses you have of the U.S. healthcare system.”

Out of 20 letters sent, two letters went undelivered. Of the 18 members of Congress who received the letters, only three responded.

Neither Sen. Sherrod Brown nor Sen. Rob Portman responded to the request.

Congressman Steve LaTourette’s office was the only one to send studies. A member of Congressman’s Jim Renacci’s office said he didn’t understand what the students wanted, while a representative from Speaker John Boehner’s office said the office could not release the information they have.

The students had one message for Congress: “The approval rating for Congress is at an all-time low. Maybe that rating would go up if you would respond to your mail.”