KSU alumnae attend New York Fashion Week

Photo submitted by Kori Fields

Photo submitted by Kori Fields

Alicia Crabtree

New York Fashion Week — a fashion industry event that allows designers and brands to showcase their latest collections — is one of the biggest events of its kind in the world.

This past week, fashion experts and journalists from around the globe, including a few Kent State alumnae, came together to display and witness the coming year’s trends.

Monika Lange graduated in 2011 from the Kent State fashion merchandising program. She lives in New York City and is working for designer Kay Unger in the sales and public relations department.

Lange said she was invited to attend a few shows for New York Fashion Week. She also co-produced Kay Unger New York’s first show for the week-long event.

As a member of the press, Fields attended several shows and other events for Fashion Week. She attended a variety of fashion shows, including the Project Runway, Costello Tagliapietra, Porsche Design, Katya Leonovich, Venexiana and Emerson exhibits.

Each woman got her start at Kent State University. Kent State is instrumental in preparing students for the fashion world, Lange said.

“Being given the opportunity to study and intern in New York City for a semester is the reason I am able to live and work here today,” Lange said. “Being the vice president of the Fashion School Organization and a member for all four years of school was also helpful in preparing me for the fashion industry. I had the opportunity to network, produce fashion shows and work numerous events while gaining real-world experience.”

While Kent State is good preparation for the fashion industry, nothing compares to actual experience, Fields said.

“I feel that one can never truly be prepared for the fashion world,” Fields said. “So much of what I am learning now comes from on-the-job training. Kent was my foundation. I think students that take advantage of extra-curricular activities, in addition to their coursework, excel. Learning how to juggle and produce early on is useful later on in your career.”

A big part of Fashion Week is to witness and evaluate the biggest trends for the spring season.

Lange said she believes a lot of the trends this year are reminiscent of previous years’ trends.

“The biggest trends I’ve seen so far this season are the continuation of neon and pastels, as well as embroidery, floral prints, pleating, high-low hemlines and leather,” Lange said.

Fields was most inspired by the Project Runway and Venexiana runway shows.

“The Project Runway show featured eight designers, and they were extremely talented and unique,” Fields said. “You could really tell they were passionate about fashion and put forth their best effort,” Fields said. “The Venexiana show was amazing as well. I love old Hollywood glam, and the collection was filled with gorgeous gowns that looked like they stepped right out of a black and white film.”

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