Man on the street: Obama at Kent State

DKS reporters

We asked a journalism reporting class to interview people about what they thought of Obama’s appearance and about politics in general. Here’s what they heard (some quotes are edited for brevity):

“When I got my ticket, I started jumping up and down in the middle of Risman Plaza. The security laughed and warned me not to do that around Obama or the Secret Service would drag me out. I’m 70-years-old. This is my first time ever seeing a president of the United States. I will treasure this moment forever.”

—Shirley Dorsey, Kent State alumna, now a resident of Randolph

“His experience from the last four years has shaped his views snd beliefs so he actually will make decisions that will matter.”

—Brian Katona, sophomore aeronautics major

“I want to work for the government when I get older. For the last two political terms, I’ve volunteered for the Obama campaign by canvassing and by phone banking, I am extremely pleased with how Obama has done so far and have high hopes for the next four years.”

—Joe Brown, junior political science major

“For the first time, I have to decide what I think. Me, not my parents. Now it’s time.”

—Rachel Godin, news major

“I got to shake Obama’s hand. It was the best experience I’ve had. It was amazing… My favorite part is how he wants everyone to participate. He doesn’t just see it as red and blue, it’s just one whole country. “

—Luis Atala, sophomore business management major

“It’s going to be my first time for a presidential election. I feel like I’m making a change. I they do both have good sides, (but) I feel like Mitt Romney cares more about himself and Obama cares more about the people, not just about himself.”

—DaySha Saunders, freshman pre-fashion design/merchandising

“We’ve been camping outside of this building since 2 a.m. Wednesday. Being in the same room as President Barack Obama is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was worth the rain, thunder and lightning we sat through.”

—Marquetta Sanders, 41, of Ravenna

“When I saw President Obama walking out, I cried. The fact that the most powerful man of the free world was right in front of me was enough to push me over the edge.”

—Omara Kazadi-Abe, senior health care administration major

“It made me feel ever more excited about casting my first ballot come Election Day… When the president of the United States comes to your campus it doesn’t matter what your political views are, you get fired up and ready to go.”

—Amanda Lamadanie, freshman psychology major

“I liked that he talked about (Obamacare), I worked at Lakewood Hospital. There’s a lot of issues with people who don’t have health insurance…(And) I noticed every time he mentioned LGBT, the crowd went wild.“

—Savannah Varndell, freshman pre-nursing major

“His speech showed he cares about out education. I know I need to do my best in school because he is trying to do his best to make it easier for me.”

—Keon Latham, freshman athletic training major

“I am a part of that 47% that Romney commented on. I am a student, I do depend on the government to give me quality education, so the least that I can is spare a night and camp out and show my dedication.” (She was in line at 10:45)

—Kasai Carter, junior pre-human development family studies major

“A lot of people don’t realize how much this will be affecting our lives. I think that regardless of who gets voted in, it isn’t possible to change everything. I figure Obama already has experience and it’s kind of silly to change a president after four years.”

—Bryan Bassett, junior computer information systems major

Reporters Nana Battah, Cassaundra Smith, Jonathan Singleton, Connor Griffith, Angel Mack, Kirsten Bowers, Mary Kate Garvey, Brittney Trojanowski, Bethany Johnson, Madeleine Winer, Katherine Schaeffer, Audrey Fletcher and Alicia Balog contributed to this package.