Isaac Vance emphasizes mental health in a strange season

Nicholas Pedone

Kent State football is finally gearing up for their delayed 2020 season.

This season is anything normal, with the players getting tested for COVID-19 four times per week.

Isaac Vance, a junior receiver, was one of the players actively pushing for the Mid-American Conference to reverse its decision so Kent State could play football this fall.

Even though the MAC is back, off the field, Vance’s advocacy for causes he supports hasn’t halted. He’s a mental health advocate, especially amongst athletes.

“Athletes are supposed to be tough, that’s a part of the game, especially football,” Vance said on this week’s Flash Point podcast.

The MAC has encouraged athletes to speak out and work as allies in order to destigmatize mental health issues among their audience and fanbase. On the conference’s Twitter, @MACSports, they have shared powerful quotes from their own athletes, as well as professional athletes who have dealt with mental health issues.

Isaac even went of the conference’s podcast “Call to MACtion” to talk about mental health awareness.

“Being tough is also about being smart,” Vance said. “There’s no reason to be high strung 24/7.

I want people to know that, really.”

To hear more from Isaac on mental health in sports, why he chose football over baseball and his favorite ice cream toppings, check out the Flash Point podcast on KentWired.

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