Fashion magazine offers shopping passes for Macy’s



Lyndsey Schley

“A” Magazine, Kent State University’s fashion magazine, is selling shopping passes for Macy’s 7th Annual Shop for a Cause event.

Lori Cantor, manager for the Office of Student Media, said the passes cost $5. A pass gives the holder 25 percent off all regular, sale and clearance merchandise and 10 percent off furniture, mattresses and area rugs on Aug. 25. This will also make the pass holder eligible to receive a $500 Macy’s gift card.

“The local general manager of Macy’s contacted us because she knew about “A” Magazine and wanted to know if we wanted to participate ­— and for every $5 that is sold, “A” Magazine gets to get the entire $5,” Cantor said. “It sounds like, for Macy’s, it’s a good way to build more customer traffic.”

The passes are on sale in room 205 in Franklin Hall until Aug. 24, Cantor said. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The passes are valid at participating Northeast Ohio Macy’s locations.

“I think it’s just a really great opportunity not only for students to get some really great deals, especially going back to school, but I think it’s also a really great way for us to provide support to area retailers,” said Emily Inverso, “A” Magazine Editor-in-Chief. “If we can get students out and about and spending their money as they want to, but at a more discounted rate, it just benefits everyone.”

“A” Magazine premiered in Spring 2012 and is the university’s newest student-run magazine.

“‘A’ Magazine is of interest to this campus because we have a very strong school of fashion design,” Cantor said. “The magazine is also very trendy. It has stunning visuals and all types of topics related to fashion: fashion and accessories, makeup, hairstyles, etc. It also features designs from students from the [School of Fashion Design and Merchandising].”

Cantor said the magazine pairs well with a new fashion media minor that has been announced to fashion and media students.

“New for the fall of 2012, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising have created a fashion media minor,” Cantor said. “So if you are a student from the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, you can learn the basic skills needed for journalism and publishing, and if you are a School of Journalism and Mass Communication major, you can take the fashion track, which allows or enables you to learn more about the fashion business for fashion reporting.”

Magazines published in conjunction with the Office of Student Media are funded by advertising, student fees and fundraising.

“Fundraisers are very important to all of our magazines on campus and [“A” Magazine] especially, because it’s a new publication,” Inverso said. It’s very important for us to not just rest on our ad sales but also to supplement that with fundraising efforts so that we can hopefully produce a bigger book with more content that the students would really be interested in reading.”

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