‘KSU Baseball Team Day’ proclaimed by Board of Commissioners

Tim Dorst

In honor of the Kent State baseball team’s first trip to the College World Series, the Portage County Board of Commissioners declared Saturday, June 16, 2012 “KSU Baseball Team Day.”

The proclamation, issued Thursday, commends the Flashes for the “hard work, talent and determination of the players and coaches” and recognizes the efforts of the team as it prepares for its first game against Arkansas Saturday.

County Board Member Maureen Frederick presented the proclamation at a meeting with the county commissioners after the Flashes defeated Oregon to advance to the College World Series.

“We wanted (the team) to know how much it means to the entire Portage County to have them there,” Frederick said.

Frederick, a Kent State graduate, called the university “a valuable resource for all of Portage County” and said it is bolstering to see the team do so well and earn so much attention from across the country.

“It takes a special effort for student-athletes to not only devote time to their studies, but to take on such a huge task,” Frederick said. “We’re very appreciative of it, and I’m sure everyone in the county is, too.”

The Board of Commissioners issues such proclamations to recognize milestones that occur in the lives of Portage County citizens, such as a person turning 100 years old. Frederick said the board enjoys taking the occasions to honor these types of milestones.

“With so many things that are negative these days, it sure is great when you have some real positive news that you can highlight,” Frederick said.

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