Kent State Alumni Association and fans pre-game in Omaha

Mady Etzel

Join the Kent State Alumni Association and fellow fans in Omaha for a pre-game tailgating event

starting at 2 p.m. (CT) at the Old Mattress Factory’s Omaha Baseball Village.

Serving as a home base for Kent State fans, the tent is a short walk to TD Ameritrade Stadium in

Omaha, Neb., where the Kent State baseball team will be playing in its first College World Series. The

team’s first game is against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“We wanted there to be one place for all of our fans to get together and celebrate this

accomplishment because it’s a huge feat for us to be there,” said Lori Randorf, executive director of the

Alumni Association.

Randorf said it will be good to have a real presence at the game, unlike in Oregon, which was a far


Along with fans supporting the team in Omaha, alumni from all over are joining together for the big


“Some of our alumni that have different groups around the country are organizing watch parties,”

Randorf said. “I think that makes a statement about how excited people are.”

Nancy Schiappa, associate director of the Alumni Association, said athletic events have always been

a great way to rally the university.

“This really brings people together of all majors, all the residence halls, students, alumni, faculty and

staff,” Schiappa said.

The Alumni Association is a separately incorporated non-profit, which is supporting the expenses

toward the pre-game events in Omaha.

“We feel this is very much in line with our mission, which is to engage our alumni and keep them

connected to the university, and what more positive thing to rally around than this huge success,”

Randorf said.

Fans interested in joining the pre-game tailgating events can R.S.V.P online on the alumni association’s website.

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