It’s spring decor makeover time: Revamp your room

Kelli Fitzpatrick

With just weeks left in the semester, you’re likely not interested in redecorating your current space. But if you happen to be staying where you are for the summer, consider these spring revamping ideas to breathe new life into your apartment.

The spring redecorating experts:

Mitch Wright, junior interior design major

Ji Young Cho, assistant professor of architecture and environmental design

Katie Fickle, junior public relations major and blogger at

Jessica Hansen, writer of the residence hall decorating blog

Amanda Zuckerman, style adviser for design site

Play with furniture setup.

Consider rearranging your room to help channel thoughtful study time in a clean environment.

“Dorms are a great place to experiment with furniture layout since they are pretty much Legos,” Wright said. He recommends moving bulky furniture away from windows to allow in more natural light. Also, position your desk by the window and utilize wall space with inspirational quotes, photos and anything that will make you “happy and productive” heading into finals week.

Check out IKEA for inexpensive furniture and design inspiration.

“In IKEA, not only can you look at each item, but you can look at the overall decoration of the whole space,” Cho said. She also recommends Michaels and Hobby Lobby for décor accessories and frames.

Brighten up.

Bring in spring colors with removable decorations and area rugs. “Stay away from dark colors in the dorms and other tight spaces,” Wright said. “Dark colors make rooms seem smaller.” If you live in an apartment, or you’re redecorating at home, step it up with a paint job. Paint one wall a different color from the rest, or use chalkboard paint for a creative outlet, Wright said.

“Spring is a bright and cheery season, so reflect that in your décor,” Fickle said. She recommends Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Wal-Mart for inexpensive spring décor.

“Color choice plays a big role in the theme for decorating spaces,” Cho said. “Rather than random[ly] choose, use experts’ suggestions.” Browse and for color theme ideas.

DIY time.

“The best wall art is the kind you make yourself,” Hansen said. Purchase a canvas from a hobby store and paint it to your heart’s desire. “Even one large canvas painted in a solid, bright color adds interest to otherwise boring dorm room walls,” Hansen said. She suggests coral or turquoise tones “for something bold and unique!”

Keep it natural. “Bringing the outdoors indoor can make your living space feel homey,” Fickle said. Place colorful flowers in a vase to add a fresh accent to your abode. Buy spring daisies at a grocery store or Wal-Mart, or pick a few outside for a free decoration, Fickle said. Also freshen up your apartment with candles. [Go with a wick-free room freshener for a dorm room.] Choose a spring or summery scent like pineapple mango from Bed, Bath & Beyond or Yankee Candle.

Spray paint it.

“A coat of spray paint can make old belongings feel new, and totally makeover thrifted items,” Hansen said. If you don’t want to repaint items you currently own, find a cool nightstand or chairs at thrift or consignment stores. Spray paint items in a bright color like orange or pink, working outside on an old bed sheet, Hansen said.

Be resourceful in redecorating. “The goal is to make the space workable and livable for you,” Wright said. “Just experiment with the resources you have.” Stay resourceful by rotating out old pictures for new ones for a quick update, Zuckerman said.

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