Casino brings jobs to Cleveland

Kelli Fitzpatrick

Ohio’s first casino will open in Cleveland May 14, creating about 1,600 jobs.

Brittany Morris, communications intern at Rock Gaming LLC, the casino’s developer, said 90 percent of the employees will be from the Cleveland and surrounding local areas.

Rock Gaming has received more than 36,000 applications and most positions have been filled, Morris said. The casino continues to hire and available positions are listed on

Casino employment

Horseshoe Cleveland will hire 600 table game dealers, as well as employees within the food and beverage, security and human resources departments.

“You have to be responsible,” Morris said about perspective Horseshoe Cleveland employees. “We take our employees’ skills very seriously because [the casino] is something new coming to Ohio.”

Applicants must be 21 years old and submit to a background check. Once hired, employees take a drug test and undergo respective training programs. Game dealers go through a 12-week program before beginning employment, Morris said.

Students looking to work at Horseshoe Cleveland should be flexible to work various hours. The casino will be open 24 hours a day, so night shifts will be available.

“All positions vary in what hours you would be working,” Morris said. “It might be difficult to work around class schedules … [but there is] the possibility to get overtime.”

Prior casino experience is not required for most positions, but is preferred for management roles, Morris said. Horseshoe Cincinnati, which opens in 2013, will begin its hiring process in fall 2012.

The casino and the city

Horseshoe Cleveland expects to generate $100 million in gaming tax revenue, providing $29.7 million to the city of Cleveland, according to a February 2012 press release. $18.7 million will go to Cuyahoga County.

Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman said the revenue will help redevelop downtown properties and projects.

The casino is part of an $80 million project to renovate Public Square, which Cimperman said will connect four underutilized areas with parks and community centers.

“[The casino] is just one of the projects that’s the tipping point to get Public Square redone,” he said. “It’s just another indication that this is a really strong project.”

The councilman also reported that casino employment opportunities have already begun to benefit the Cleveland area.

“I think the construction jobs alone are amazing for Cleveland,” Cimperman said. “The ongoing jobs are going to be pretty awesome. People [will be] involved in security, cleaning … just about every level of job.”

Cimperman said some people may have issues with bringing gambling to Ohio, but the casino will help keep people in the city with employment and entertainment.

“The ability to gamble is prevalent in the United States already, but we do have the ability to reap the benefits,” he said. “I think it’s going to be really exciting. This is going to be a great project.”

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