10-year hall renovation plan continues

Dianna Warwick



Elevator modernization in Wright, Leebrick, Koonce and Beall; wardrobe replacement, flooring replacement and heating system in Allyn; demolition of five buildings in Allerton


Heating system repair in Prentice, Clark; flooring replacement in Prentice, McDowell and Clark; wardrobe replacement in McDowell and Clark; elevator modernization in McDowell, Koonce and Leebrick


Heating system and flooring replacements in Verder and Fletcher; flooring replacements and wardrobe replacements in Beall


Heating system, wardrobe replacement and flooring replacements in Dunbar and Manchester


Bathrooms in Dunbar and Verder; flooring replacement in Korb and Olson


Heating system in Lake; flooring replacement in Lake; caulking and roof repair in Korb, Lake and Olson; windows in Verder


Heating/cooling in Korb, windows in Dunbar and Prentice and caulk in Eastway


Windows in Korb, Lake and Olson; heating and cooling system in Beall and McDowell


Heating and cooling in Beall and McDowell; windows in Eastway


Caulking and windows in Beall and McDowell


Chiller replacement in East Chiller Plant

This summer, four major renovation projects will take place in Wright, Allyn, Leebrick, Lake and Olson halls. These projects are part of a grand plan that will be completed over the next 10 years, totaling $108,280,842.48.

As the first step in the renovations, Allyn will receive new carpet and paint in the rooms and hallways, as well as air conditioning. John White, associate director of Residence Services, said the repairs will begin with Allyn mainly because it houses students for the Destination Kent State program.

The closets in Allyn will also be torn down and replaced with new walls and freestanding armoires. The rest of Eastway will get the same renovations within the next four years.

A new wireless technology will then be installed in Allyn, and later on the rest of Eastway, that will turn off lights to help conserve energy. This technology is part of the university’s energy conservation project.

“If students leave the lights on for a certain amount of time the sensor will know to turn the lights off in order to save energy,” said Michael Bruder, director of design and construction for the University Architect’s office.

Two new elevators will be installed in Wright Hall, along with air conditioning.

“Tri-Towers is a four-year project,” White said. “We’re starting with Wright, and then replacing the doors in the breezeways and adding new signs to help navigate the buildings. Next summer Leebrick and Koonce will receive elevators and air conditioning as well.”

Leebrick Hall, however, will be going through some renovations of its own this summer. Bruder said Leebrick will receive accessibility improvements such as wider doors and new fire alarms.

Lake Hall is going to be turned into an EXCEL community, which is a community that caters to students who are exploring majors, White said.

“We’re re-doing the whole first floor, including the lounges, by installing new carpet and new paint,” White said.

New windows will also be installed in Lake and Olson. These windows will have sensors that activate the heat to turn on or off depending on if the window is open or closed. The purpose of this is to help save energy, Bruder said.

White said he thinks the students will benefit from these renovations.

“They [the students] will get something that’s more attractive, easier to maintain and something they’re going to enjoy living in,” White said.

White also thinks if the residence halls look better they will deter vandalism and other destruction by students.

“I really believe a lot of students will take better care of their living environment if it looks like the university is taking care of it as well,” said White.

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