Expo to include money-saving, personal finance tips

Kelli Fitzpatrick

A financial literacy program offered by Family and Community Services, Incorporated will host its third annual Money Saving Expo on March 29 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Kent Free Library. Strategies for Attaining Financial Empowerment, known as $.A.F.E., will run this year’s expo, focusing on using local resources, stores and banks to improve personal finances and financial literacy.

Kelly Paton, program manager of Consumer Credit Counseling Service, a Family and Community Service program, said events at the expo will include demonstrations on couponing and making your own environmentally friendly products. Half-hour discussions about family finances, spending plans, investments and identity theft will also take place at the expo.

Students can contact $.A.F.E. at 330-297-7027 for further information about the expo and other financial literacy classes.

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