Spanish and Latino Student Association to host Latin Night

Drew Parker

The Spanish and Latino Student Association was formed on Kent State’s campus in 1990. SALSA’s mission is to promote and support awareness of Latino and Hispanic culture.

Anthony Imes, sophomore communication studies major and vice president of SALSA, said the group strives to provide a second home for Hispanic and Latino students on campus.

“We try to educate the Kent State community on Hispanic and Latino issues and culture,” Imes said. “The Hispanic and Latino population is rising in the United States and I think it’s important to educate the university about how Hispanic and Latino traditions intertwine within other communities. I think people don’t realize that there are strong Hispanic and Latino influences [in] their own traditions.”

SALSA will host “Latin Night” in April. The event will allow members to cook a dish significant to their heritage. The event will also be an opportunity for guests to learn about salsa dancing.

Imes said the most important thing for people to know about SALSA is that it is open to all students at Kent State.

“To become active in SALSA, all you have to do is have a want to learn about Hispanic and Latino culture,” Imes said. “You don’t have to speak Spanish and you don’t have to be Hispanic or Latino to be involved in the organization.”

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Upcoming SALSA events:

April -Latin Night

April 19- SALSA and the Latino Networking Caucus will co-host a conference to discuss immigration