Obama’s campaign fights hard against Romney

Britni Williams

Preparing for Tuesday’s the republican primary election, Obama’s re-election campaign is trying to reel some of the attention back to the Democratic Party by poking holes in Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Ben LaBolt, national press secretary for the Obama campaign, along with Congressman Tim Ryan hosted a conference call Friday.

“He’s clearly the wrong candidate for Ohio,” LaBolt said of Romney.

LaBolt accused Romney of destroying manufacturing jobs and “pandering to the Tea Party.”

Ryan said Romney turned his back on the auto industry in Ohio.

“The President of the United States was the one who stepped in to save the auto industry,” Ryan said.

Ryan pointed out Obama’s work toward green energy, saying that Ohio’s wind energy industry has increased because of it.

He also noted Obamacare as a success as it allows college-aged people to stay on their parents insurance longer.

“Ohio has a large population of colleges and college students,” Ryan said. “And countless students have or will benefit from the President’s policies”

These policies include the expansion of Pell Grants and student loan forgiveness for qualifying individuals.

“I think it’s important for us as the republican primary election moves into Ohio that we compare and contrast what the President has done versus what Mitt Romney has done or will do for Ohio,” Ryan said.