TV2: KSU journalism students take on Delhi

Raven Brinson

KentWired Video

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Delhi, India: The home of nearly 23 million residents.

And for two weeks, the reporting ground for 18 Kent State journalism students.

“It was intimidating at first, but the more we got involved with the students over there and the people in our stories, the more comfortable we felt,” Jake Corcoran said.

The International Storytelling class travelled to India to work alongside students at Amity University.

Together, the students took to the streets of Delhi to find stories to tell.

“I think it was new to them to actually go out on the streets with us. So, they were learning from us, we were learning from them,” Katie Rickman said.

But it wasn’t all business. The group, also, made lifelong friendships along the way.

“The students are amazing, wonderful people. We made some serious connections there. We miss them,” Rickman said.

“They really welcomed us with open arms and really were caring to us and their hospitality was fantastic… The friendships I’ve made, I plan on keeping, hopefully, the rest of my life,” Corcoran said.

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