TV2: Road intersections causing trouble for drivers

Doug Rogers

KentWired Video

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Driving around Kent might be part of your daily routine, but getting in a car accident isn’t.

The Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority released statistics showing high crash intersections in the Kent area from 2008 to 2010.

So, where are the most accidents?

Topping the list is the intersection of E. Summit and South Lincoln St. 57 accidents make it a trouble spot just off the Kent State University campus.

Summit St. is once again a problem – this time at S. Water St. Out of just over 29,000 cars approaching the intersection daily, there have been 48 crashes over a three-year period.

Down the road on S. Water St., the crossroad with Haymaker Parkway sees its share of accidents. Forty-seven as a matter of fact. That’s with over 34,000 vehicles approaching this spot daily.

Closer to campus, E. Main and Lincoln St. have seen 36 crashes over the three-year period. More than 21,000 cars make their way through this intersection daily.

Rounding out the top five is a spot down the road on the other side of the university. E. Main St. and Horning Rd. experienced 34 accidents. That’s as over 23,000 drivers pass through the area each day.

Despite the crashes, traffic lights sit at all five intersections.

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