TV2: Fraternity and sorority members defend stereotype

Anthony Ezzo

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Sororities and fraternities are often stereotyped as being whores, sluts and anything of the kind. Alpha Xi Delta’s Sarah Husbands believes people are quick to judge without knowing what’s really going on in Greek life.

“People do, they recognize, they recognize the letters that you wear,” Husbands said. “And I guess that maybe take it from that and they just immediately assume, ‘Oh, this girl, or this guy, they’re a whore, or get around,’ but they don’t even realize that the majority of them are people who are raising money for their philanthropies and raising money for all these different kinds of organizations.”

And Mady Etzel, a member of that same sorority, said she couldn’t agree more.

“I clearly am friends with all Greeks,” Etzel said. “And we’re all just like friends, and I just think it’s easy to target us because there’s no one else that is wearing stuff that is easy to say. ‘Oh, they’re doing this or doing that.’”

Fraternity member Alfred Yarbrough of Sigma Chi believes a lot of the things they do go unnoticed.

“They focus on the negatives when it comes to fraternities and sororities.” Yarbrough said. “When we raise thirty thousand dollars for an organization that’s not brought up to the general student, but if we get in trouble by the police that’s brought up to the public more so than if we were to do something good.”

“I think there are so many people in Greek life that yeah, you’re going to bound to be meeting some people that probably don’t make the best decisions.” Husbands said. “But at the same time, they don’t take into account the majority of the rest of the people who are in Greek life.”

All three students said people who believe this stereotype to be true should get to know Greek life people more.

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