TV2: Rootstown welcomes a new science academy

Lauren Miller

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Northeast Ohio Medical University will introduce its first class for Bio-Med Science Academy.

Bio-Med is a science, technology, engineering and math school, known as a STEM school, that will also include medicine.

Stephanie Lammlein, Director of Bio-Med Science Academy, approached NEOMED about starting the new school.

“I really wanted to be a part of the STEM movement that has started in the state,” says Lammlein. “[I wanted to] really focus on preparing kids for their future life in a different way.”

Now, Bio-Med is about to open its doors. The first class will consist of 60 students and will begin this August.

Anyone in the state can apply and applications are due on February 14. If more than 60 students apply, a lottery will be held on the February 16.

Lammlein says students do not have to be in the top ten percent of their class.

“For me, I’m just looking for any student who is willing to take a risk on trying something different,” says Lammlein. “Any student that wants a little bit of a different kind of education.”

The school has been mostly marketed in Portage County and intended for students who are about to go into high school.

Dr. Lisa Weiss is the Director of Longitudinal Curriculum at NEOMED and has a 13-year-old son interested in the new academy.

“When [Devon] found out about this, he got online, read about it and he was very excited,” says Weiss. “He said ‘I wanna go there, I’ll die if I don’t get in’.”

Devon Martin currently is an 8th grader at Montessori and would have to commute 40 minutes in order to get to Bio-Med. Since his mother is an employee, his situation works out.

“It’s gonna be a big change,” says Martin. “I think there is a lot more opportunity there for a better education.”

Bio-Med is a year-round school. Students will have to go to school for 13 weeks and have three weeks off for vacation.

Devon isn’t excited about giving up his summers, but all students are required to get a laptop.

“Everyone has to have a laptop,” says Martin. “The school doesn’t pay for it, but I still get to have a laptop.”

Bio-Med will be housed inside of NEOMED until the academy’s building is finished in 2013. Construction is expected to start soon.

Lammlien hopes Bio-Med will set a trend in rural STEM schools.

“Hopefully, we can be a model for this kind of school in these kinds of environments,” says Lammlien.

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