CLEP testing: A good way to save time and money

Stephanie Black

The Career Services Center offers a College Level Exam Program, also known as CLEP, that allows students to test out of certain undergraduate classes. Students who pass a CLEP test receive credit for the tested subject without having to take the class, saving them both money and time.

One of the best parts about CLEP testing is the amount of money it can save students, said Deborah Cartell, academic testing coordinator for the Career Services Center.

“There’s a $25 registration fee and a $77 fee for the test itself,” she said. “When you combine the two prices, the test costs less than a textbook.”

Another benefit of CLEP testing is the time students can save, Cartell said.

Bethany Dibble, senior psychology major, said she tested out of 16 credit hours of Spanish courses by taking the Spanish CLEP test.

“Testing out of those classes saved me a lot of time that I was able to use for other courses for my major,” Dibble said.

The Career Services Center offers 31 CLEP exams in business, composition and literature, world languages, history and social sciences, science and mathematics. A full list of available exams can be found on the Career Services website.

Although there are 31 different tests to choose from, students can only test out of 30 credit hours during undergraduate years. Those hours are split between departmental testing, CLEP testing and advanced placement testing, Cartell said.

Eric Malek, sophomore finance major, said he advises students to explore CLEP testing.

“I was able to get three credit hours without having to buy a book or sit through any lectures,” Malek said. “The online resources helped me test out of College Algebra.”

Career Services offers online test prep packages on its website.

The next available testing time is Wednesday, March 7 at 2:15 p.m. To register or find out about additional testing dates, visit the Career Services website or contact Cartell at [email protected].

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