Multi-car accident ties up traffic on I-80 near Streetsboro

Daniel Moore

A nonfatal pileup of at least 20 cars has blocked the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 — the Ohio Turnpike — for several miles, one of many accidents on Northeast Ohio freeways.

At approximately 1:52 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 11, an 18-wheeler skidded and trapped a gray Saturn underneath its back end. It is currently blocking the flow of traffic. Near whiteout conditions and a completely snow-covered road presumably led to the accident. Visibility was at about 10 feet, and drifting snow still remains a driving hazard.

Firemen arrived approximately five minutes after the initial accident; state troopers arrived about 20 minutes after.

Jim Tomlanovich, a semi-driver from Merrill, Wisc., said he “decided to take the guardrail” instead of hitting another car, but ended up sliding it anyway. Ben Balc from Hudson, said he didn’t know who hit him, but sat by the median with both ends of his car dented.

Brian Short from Pittsburgh, was on his way home to Indiana to visit his father. Short’s car was not dented; however, the glass of his rear windshield shattered.

Eastbound lanes of I-80 are moving slowly but smoothly. Smaller accidents scattered the turnpike west of the accident.

Press were escorted from the “crime scene” by police due to privacy issues.

Updated 4:38 p.m.

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