TV2: Students exercise for New Year’s resolutions

Nathan Edwards

KentWired Video

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Nearly 5,000 cards are scanned each day at the Kent State Student Recreation and Wellness Center during the month of January. Students working towards their New Year’s resolutions flood the facilities, but attendance takes a big drop once January ends. Member and Guest Services Coordinator Maggie McKendry explains the spike in attendance.

“Well typically on average our daily entries are about three thousand people,” McKendry said. “During this first week of January, in the beginning of the Spring semester we bump up to four to five thousand visits a day.”

With new faces at the gym, there are also some frequent visitors who are taking their workout routines to the next level. Senior Communications student, Jon Abersold, says he goes to the gym frequently, but he has challenged himself to take his workout to the next level.

“My personal fitness goal, well, I am trying to make the baseball team, the club baseball team,” Abersold explained. “My overall fitness goal is to get into the best possible shape I can.”

Developing a workout routine can be difficult for a lot of students, but sticking to a schedule can be the best route to succeeding.

“It usually takes about two weeks to get used to a schedule and have it be automatic and have it be something that you will be able to keep going with,” McKendry said. “So stick with it, set that time aside and make sure you are committed to doing it.”

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is currently offering free trials of its exercise programs, including the most popular program, Zumba.

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