KSU library seeks to relieve student stress during finals

Nathan Christofaris

To help students relax during finals, the University Library will host Stress-Free Zone Monday and Tuesday of finals week from 3 to 5 p.m. on the third floor.

The library will provide free drinks, popcorn, coffee, Wii video games and other board games for students.

This is the third year the library has put on the Stress-Free Zone, said Jamie Seeholzer, First Year Experience librarian.

As a library, Seeholzer said the goal is to “make this a second home for people,” during finals week.

“It’s a way to de-stress people who are in the building,” Seeholzer said. “We recognize that it’s a difficult time. It’s a way of us cheering you on to the finish line.”

In addition to food and games, the library partnered with Dogs on Campus to bring therapeutic dogs to the library as another way for students to relax and relieve stress. However, Dogs on Campus will be in the library Monday only.

Seeholzer said they plan for 500 people to come through Stress-Free Zone, and they usually go over that in the two days.

“It’s really a steady stream of people,” Seeholzer said. “People come down with popcorn, and other students smell it in the building after a while and ask where.”

Diane Sperko, library marketing and communications director, said the Stress-Free Zone is a great way to reach out to the students.

“It’s very important because it continues to support the student mission,” Sperko said. “We want to make sure students are aware of what we offer. It’s a win-win all around. This is a chance to say ‘Hey, take a break. See what we do, we have fun stuff too.’”

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