KentWired trivia results for Dec. 7, 2011

KentWired Staff

Here’s the answers to today’s KentWired trivia quiz.

Q:What percentage of people admit to singing to their pets around the holidays?


Q:Where did the concept of elves originate?

A:They were “nature folk” in pagan religions.

Q:How many houses would Santa have to deliver to each second to reach his quota?


Q:What does Hanukkah stand for?


Q:What calender is the American New Year based on?


Q:No. 1 most traveled place in 2011?

A:Maui, Hawaii.

Q:What does Kwanzaa stand for?

A:Fruits of the harvest.

Q:How much edible food is wasted each year?

A:Twenty-eight billion pounds, or 100 pounds per person.

Q:Who was the first person to set January 1st as the New Year?

A:Julius Caesar.

Q:What is the most common New Years resolution?

A:Losing weight.