Walking across campus in fashion

Angela Pino

Dressed to impress

At any given moment of any given day, Megan Blankenship, senior fashion merchandising major, can be found dressed up and in heels.

“You’re selling yourself. How you dress is your own brand,” Blankenship said. “You always need to be well dressed and maintained because you never know who you will run into or what will happen.”

On an average day, Blankenship said it takes her anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to simply put an outfit together. She also said she usually does not pick her outfit out until the morning.

“It can get frustrating at times when I’m exhausted,” Blankenship said. “I know I can dress myself, but there are those days when it feels like nothing works.”

Even when she was younger, Blankenship said she was always dressed up and put together.

She said she usually dresses to impress herself and believes that men do pay attention to what women wear but only to a certain extent.

No stress dresser (or dressed for comfort)

Megan Bennett, senior advertising major, can wake up and be out the door to class in 10 to 15 minutes. She said when it comes to class, she would much rather dress for comfort than for style. Her usual outfit for class is jeans and a t-shirt, knowing that there is a difference between being comfortable and looking as if you just rolled out of bed.

“Sure, I’ll wear leggings as pants, but not in public,” Bennett said.

She said it’s fine if it makes people happy to get all dressed up for class, but she finds it unnecessary.

“I think the people who get dressed up for class have too much time on their hands,” Bennett said. “Heels aren’t practical in Ohio weather.”

Bennett said she dresses for herself and does not think guys usually care what women wear.

“Guys appreciate good views, but not the outfits,” Bennett said.


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Guys’ thoughts

“You’re coming to class to learn, not for a fashion show. Good for girls who roll in, in sweats. I actually prefer them; they’re comfortable with how they look. Confidence is key.” -Jason Malloy, junior electronic media productions major.

“I think the dressing up has died down since the first week of school when it was nicer out.” -Jeremy George, sophomore electronic media productions major.

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