College Democrats v. Republicans debate to be held

Megan Tomkins

The Kent Political Union is scheduled to hold a debate between the Kent State College Democrats and Kent State College Republicans in the Kiva Tuesday at 7 p.m.

This is the first debate between both college groups. Its purpose is to debate the current issues in government for the upcoming elections.

“This event is important because there is a lot of misinformation floating around,” said Dimitri Savelieff, vice president of the Kent State College Republicans. “This gives us the opportunity to show the facts to all the students so they can make an educated decision when they go to the polls.”

The topics for the debate are Issue 2, the voter referendum to repeal the controversial law that restricts collective bargaining for public employees and House Bill 194, which would alter voting laws in Ohio.

Other issues to be covered during the debate will include Issue 1, which would raise the retirement age for judges from 70 to 75; Issue 3, the proposed constitutional amendment to exempt Ohioans from several aspects of the new federal health care law.


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The mediator for this event is scheduled to be Richard Stanislaw, an assistant professor in political science.

Savelieff said he isn’t sure if there will be local community leaders attending, but invitations were sent out.

Bryan Staul, president of the Kent State College Democrats said, “Hopefully we can get 40 to 60 students to show up.”

Both Savelieff and Staul said they are hopeful that many students will attend because they think it is important for students to know everything they can about the current issues in order to vote which way they feel is best.

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