KentWired Trivia Results for Nov. 2, 2011

KentWired Staff

Here’s the answers to today’s KentWired trivia quiz.

Q:Why do some scientists consider love be an addiction?

A:When in a relationship, the chemicals Oxytocin and Vasporessin are released and the individuals

involved become addicted to the chemicals, establishing an attachment and dependency.

Q:What was the name of the last space mission NASA embarked on?


Q:In which country did the Arab Spring begin?

A: Tunisia, when a fruit vendor set himself on fire protesting the brutality of police.

Q:Which republican candidate served as ambassador to China under the Obama administration?

A:Jon Huntsman.

Q:Why is the statue of liberty green?

A:It is copper, but turned green after years of exposure to the elements, in a process called Patination.

Q:What Indian holiday was celebrated last week?


Q:Which non-human mammal is said to engage in prostitution?

A:Female Penguin.

Q:How many men aged 25-45 have admitted to being a virgin?

A:1.1 million.



Q:How many galaxies exist in our universe?

A:More than 170 billion at least.