TV2: Former and current KSU students have success with clothing line

Megan Shaw

KentWired Video

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Read more about Steel Clothing here.

Matt Kohlic and Aaron Rowley both share a passion for bodybuilding and good fashion. They became friends by lifting together at the Rec Center.

Once the two became close friends, Kohlic who is an entrepreneurship major, mentioned starting a clothing line for bodybuilders. Rowley who graduated last spring with a criminal justice major, like the idea and in April 2011 the two began Steel Clothing Company.

One of their main goals in to keep the prices low while still selling high quality clothing. In just six short months, the two are now shipping to 12 different countries and all over the US through their website.

They print the shirt from Cleveland and then personally pack and ship each shirt from their home. It makes them happy that their business is helping out the local economy.

Kohlic and Rowley’s biggest success has come from number one bodybuilder in the world Phil Heath. The two sent Heath free samples of their shirt and he responded asking for hundreds of shirts to sell. The two couldn’t express their excitement for this moment. They now have a line specifically for Heath that is becoming very popular on their website.

Kohlic and Rowley are positive about the future. They focus on capitalizing on what they accomplished so far and hope to keep expanding.

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