Verder Hall welcomes alumni with art show

Brittany Nader

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Student artwork will be on display in Verder Hall Saturday to celebrate the residence hall’s 55th birthday. The gallery show also coincides with Homecoming to welcome alumni back to the residence hall.

This is the first time Verder Hall will host more than one student art show, said Brittni Borrero, College of the Arts graduate assistant. Verder’s gallery will be open Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the residence hall’s first floor.

“The goal of the show is for alumni to see how the hall has changed, for new students to showcase their work and to create a community within the hall,” Borrero said.

Leah Carothers, Verder Hall residence hall director, said the gallery show will take place near the art studio and was organized by three of the studio’s art mentors. It is free to attend and open to the public.

“We are also holding a Verder 55th birthday party where alumni will be able to share their memories of KSU and Verder Hall,” Carothers said.

Verder Hall houses the Fine Arts learning community which is made up of art and design majors. Borrero said it is referred to as the “art residence hall” because of the expansive studio space and on-site art mentors.

“There are no prizes or judges for the show,” Borrero said. “It’s just to bring everyone together and celebrate art, Kent State pride and each other.”

Carothers said students from all residence halls and majors can submit drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewelry and any other artwork to be on display. Artwork can be produced in class, in the Verder studio or on the students’ own time.

Students may submit their artwork to be displayed in the gallery by Friday, Oct. 14. For application information, contact Leah Carothers at [email protected] or 330-672-2371.

Contact Brittany Nader at [email protected].