Commuter students also able to use health center

Justine Stump


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Commuter student Nick Bank, junior finance major, has attended Kent State for three years, and he’s never been to the health center. He said he didn’t know he could.

The health center launched a new marketing campaign this semester geared toward commuter students like Bank.

“I think many commuter students just don’t realize that they can come (to the health center),” said health center doctor Angela DeJulius.

DeWeese Health Center is located on Eastway Drive in the center of campus. Part of students’ tuition helps fund the health center so all students are allowed to go.

“If I had known that I could go (to the health center), I would have gone,” said Bank.

Dejulius said the health center is a convenient option for commuter students. It offers almost all healthcare needs including physical therapy, women’s healthcare, immunizations, psychology services and an on-site pharmacy.

Alex Terlacher, senior nursing major, is a commuter student who lives in Cuyahoga Falls. He said he went to the health center to have physical therapy for his knee last year.

“It was free with my health insurance, and the care was good,” Terlacher said. “It was also very convenient because I was already on campus. It would have been hard to drive somewhere and come back with my classes.”

Pharmacist Laura Damicone said the pharmacy fills most prescriptions, even those prescribed by outside doctors. She said they get many students who come to the health center to fill prescriptions because it is “definitely a good price.”

She said the pharmacy also has a mini-drug store that carries items such as cough drops, tissues, tampons and shampoo. She said many students frequent this spot because of the good deals they find.

Dejulius said the health center accepts most major insurances and tries to keep prices low for students who don’t have insurance. She said doctors always treat patients with cost in mind.

“The health center has received a small portion of the student fee, which you have paid,” Dejulius said. “Because of that, we do not charge co-pay. If you have insurance, we just bill your insurance.”

Dejulius said if a student is experiencing chest pains or other serious symptoms, it might be best for him or her to go to the hospital, but for most problems the health center is a great resource.

“It’s always better to make an appointment. You can walk in, and we will see you, but I can’t tell you what else will be going on at the time or how long you’d have to wait,” Dejulius said. “Sometimes there are people that come here with injuries or lacerations and we’re sewing them up.”

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