Websites help students plan class schedules

Drew Parker

Scheduling Tips

  • Make a worksheet of courses you want to take before you begin registering
  • Always have a Plan B. If the course you want isn’t available at registration, you need a quick back up
  • Be aware of any prerequisites or holds on a course
  • Make an advising appointment in advance, and make sure you have no advising holds for registration
  • Information from Gail Rebeta, registrars office

    Why should I care?

    All students have to schedule their classes and might want resources to help them understand their requirements and options.

As registration for spring semester continues, certain websites are offering students assistance with course decisions and time management., a free university course managing website, is available to students from 50 schools across the country, including the eight Kent State campuses.

Schedulizer for Kent’s State’s main campus includes 2,985 classes in various subjects. Much like the course look-up on Flashline, Schedulizer shows the professors, prerequisite requirements and class days and times for each course.

After students pick their classes on Schedulizer, the website creates numerous possible schedules, with different combinations of the times and days for each selected class. The website allows students to personalize what days they want to be the least busy and fits in a lunchtime chosen by the student.

Kelsey Clark, freshman fashion design major, said that Schedulizer has helped her handle her spring course overload, which includes more than 18 credit hours.

“I like how it gave me every possible schedule,” Clark said. “It really helped me figure out prerequisites.”

Donald Gebhart, freshman aeronautics major, said that he prefers Schedulizer over Kent State resources.

“I like how it shows free time options for different periods of the day,” Gebhart said. “It’s easier to visualize than Kent’s website. It’s hard to figure out what sequence you should take classes in, especially for math.”


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Another website,, powered by Chegg, also assists students with class choice by providing unofficial median grades compiled from student users, professor ratings and comments on general course experience. Similar to Schedulizer, CourseRank also offers a schedule creator with over 1,000 Kent State courses.

Gail Rebeta, registrars office system manager, said Kent State does not offer websites similar to Schedulizer and CourseRank, but students should make an advising appointment and reference their GPS roadmap on Flashline for assistance before registering.

“Students need to be aware of their course requirements and of any holds preventing them from scheduling,” Rebeta said.

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