Halloween costumes for the bedroom

Rachel Hagenbaugh


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Halloween costumes often include a lot of makeup, fabric and additional props. Trying to get freaky after a night at the bars becomes a difficult objective. Forget trying to work around those complicated costumes. Prepare costumes that are fun, sexy and easy to maneuver around.

Jersey Girl

Football season has all the boys psyched about their favorite sports teams. Seeing you in his favorite team jersey is sure to spark some action. Buy a jersey that is mid-thigh length. Add some knee-high socks to match. You’ve created his secret fantasy that he’s been dreaming about since August.

The cupcake

Get creative and cover your goodies with some of his favorite sweets. Make a bikini out of whipped cream. Drizzle yourself in chocolate syrup. If that sounds like too much of a mess, bring the ingredients to bed and let him indulge a little bit at a time.

Study Buddy

Just because Halloween is Kent State’s most popular holiday doesn’t mean the teachers stop handing out assignments. Dress up as a sexy study buddy with a plaid extra-small mini skirt and a tie; just a tie. The only book you’ll be using as a study aid is Kama Sutra.

Bedtime bunny

Black mesh leotards, while inappropriate outdoor attire, are perhaps the sexiest costumes on the market for bedroom fun. It’s revealing, but still leaves room for the imagination. Add a bow tie and a pair of bunny ears and you’ve turned the bedroom into his personal Playboy mansion.

The hustler

Take him by surprise by going commando under a trench coat. If the trench coat is long enough, you can even wear it to the store or bars. Come home, open it up and watch him be turned on by your daring and naughty personality.

Contact Rachel Hagenbaugh at [email protected].