International students experience fall at Kent State

Jenna Hedman

Over 225 students and their families attended “Fall-O-Ween” Monday, Oct. 17 in Twin Towers.

The International Village Experience hosted the event along with the RA staff of Beall, McDowell and Van Campen, The Office of Global Education and the Kent State International Mentors.

Jessie Grund, junior zoology major, was in charge of organizing the event and said that Fall-O-Ween was inspired by many American fall traditions.

Those in attendance carved pumpkins, watched Monday night football, played carnival games and sampled fall foods.

Laura Forchione, residence hall director for Beall, McDowell and Van Campen, said that Fall-O-Ween had been in the plans since August as a fun way to teach students about fall.

“There are facts everywhere explaining why we do what we do and why we do it,” she said. “There’s everything from what the different kinds of apples are and what they’re good for to what black cats mean.”

Grund said Fall-O-Ween was a way for international students to experience life in America.

“They want to experience life here and this is a great way to do it.”

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