Senderhoff satisfied with “MAC Madness”

AJ Atkinson

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Nearly 1,000 people streamed into the M.A.C. Center Friday night to get a first look at the Kent State men and women’s basketball teams and see some high flying dunks and 3-point shooters.

Rob Senderhoff, Kent State coach of the men’s basketball team, said deputy athletic director Tom Kleinlein thought of the idea and wanted to know if Senderhoff was on-board.

Senderhoff said he was and will do it again in the future as long as his players want to.

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In the slam dunk contest, senior guard Carlton Guyton won the competition, while freshman guard Devareaux Manley won the three-point contest.

“I think our (players) really enjoyed themselves,” Senderhoff said. “I thought it was a great turnout. I thought the people there were really enthusiastic about being there.”

Senderhoff said he thought a few more single game and season tickets were sold after some of the fans saw the talent of the team.

The first-year coach said he is excited to lead this team, which returned all its players but one senior, guard Rodriguez Sherman. Although, Senderhoff encouraged fans to not look too far down the tournament road, for many of the Flashes’ opponents are in the same boat as far as returning players.

“There happens to be a lot of teams that return their players from last year,” Senderhoff said. “It’s going to be really competitive, but we feel like we have a really good team. We’re excited to see how things unfold.”

The Flashes’ next public performance on the court is Nov. 7, when the Flashes have an exhibition match at 7 p.m. against Rochester.

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