Opinion: The stuff movies are made of

Mike Crissman

There’s a good reason why so many movies are about journalists. It’s an unpredictable, exciting profession that always has something new to offer. This translates to an engaging film plot with unforeseen twists and turns akin to a compelling murder mystery. Journalists don’t shoot guns, but they do shoot the shit with a variety of colorful characters.

Personally it has allowed me the opportunity to meet a multitude of interesting people of all ages and backgrounds. I’ve interviewed musicians, WWII heroes, Kent State hall-of-fame athletes, high-ranking university administrators and countless common people with not-so-common stories.

The other week I got to fly shotgun in a small four-seater airplane to an airport an hour away with a professor to conduct interviews with glider pilots. That day was one trip to the liquor store away from being adapted to film. It’s that easy.

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