Hazell still undecided on starting quarterback for Saturday

Junior quarterback Spencer Keith throws a pass during practice yesterday August 30th at Dix Stadium. Photo by Philip Botta.

AJ Atkinson

Kent State coach Darrell Hazell said the offensive line troubles have been fixed over the bye week. Still up in the air; however, is who the starting quarterback will be.

Throughout the last two weeks, junior quarterback Spencer Keith and redshirt freshman Cedric McCloud have worked side-by-side, taking an equal amount of snaps and turns at running the offense.

Hazell said he had yet to name the starter for Saturday’s game against Bowling Green, but this is how he felt about both quarterbacks.

When it comes to arm strength, Hazell said McCloud definitely has Keith. McCloud has the ability to zip a pass between defenders and throw deep, something Keith has always struggled to do.

“Getting plays called fast enough where he (McCloud) doesn’t seem rushed at the line and able to go through his reads is the biggest problem,” Hazell said. “Right now he’s slow at getting it called and getting to the line and making those reads. It takes time to see what they’re doing to you.”

Keith’s advantages over McCloud come in leadership, specifically commanding the huddle. With nearly 2.5 seasons of starting experience, Hazell said Keith is the strong leader on the field who reads the defense and sees the openings, but struggles at executing and putting the pass where it needs to be.

“When opportunities present themselves, he needs to make good of them,” Hazell said. “Openings happen and you have to convert on those.”

While evaluating the two this week, offensive coordinator Brian Rock said he is searching for consistency. He said both quarterbacks will be impressive one day but disappointing the next.